Is Spotify Promotion Worth It?

My YouTube comment section is quickly becoming a gold mine for new posts. Honestly, most of the comments I get are really nice; even the somewhat-challenging comments are usually structured politely. So far, my videos have never elicited quite the reaction that Tom provoked from Johan*. (Tom was asking for it, I think.) But every […]

How I’m Building a Spotify Playlist Network

So I’m in the midst of a fun little experiment… I’m building a playlist network. In this post, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about what I’m doing with the playlist network and how it’s going – because it’s kind of my pet project right now, and because I feel like I […]

7 Tips to Grow on Spotify for 2023

In an effort to, as the marketing guru bros say, “provide insane value,” I want to share a few of the brass tacks – stuff that you can actually implement for yourself to grow on Spotify. So here we go. This is a hodgepodge of seven tactics and tips that I’ve seen working over the past year.  […]

The Carcinization of the Music Industry

Here’s a fun way to start a post… Ever heard of carcinization? (You didn’t see that one coming, did you?) In case you haven’t, here’s the quick definition: Carcinization is the tendency of multiple species to evolve into crab-like lifeforms. Fun! Because this, apparently, is what peak evolutionary performance looks like: Anyway, I stumbled across […]

How I’m using AI to run my music business

Here’s how I’m using AI in my music business: I’m not. End of post. Bye bye. See you later. … Okay, that was a Shrek reference, and relatedly, I’m just kidding – about ending the post there, not so much about my usage of AI tools. Despite the hype, I haven’t really adjusted any of […]

How to Use SubmitHub in 2023

SubmitHub. It’s a controversial platform, I know. Maybe you love it. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you hate that you love it. All of those reactions are totally understandable. I’ve been on SubmitHub as a curator for the last five years, and over that span I’ve run dozens of my own campaigns and the full […]

When Should You Pay to Promote Music?

I watch YouTube videos now. Before last year, believe it or not, I rarely watched YouTube videos – like, almost never. But last year I started my own channel, and since then I’ve been on the platform much more often. I’ve consequently discovered how hard it is not to click a thumbnail that piques your […]

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