Our People

Jon Anderson

Two Story Founder

Here are two truths and a lie about Jon: He loves understanding how songs are made. He once attempted to swim across the Pacific Ocean, but only made it to Hawaii. He was the stunt double for Sandra Bullock in the films Gravity and The Blindside.

Tom Anderson

Managing Editor

Tom has been banned from playing guitar on the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, so don’t ask him to. He loves indie music, songwriting, Pittsburgh sports, and Special K cereal, and hopes to combine the four someday.

Contributing Writers

Allison Kinney
Angel Lezark
Arissa Cushnie
Art Koop
Bailey Johnk
Ben Soffel
Beau Turner
Brendan Zimmerman
Costanza Casullo
Dan Gee
Dan Kok
Deirdre Shahar
Emily Greene
Emily Cushing

Freddie Woltz 
Gabrielle Cravener
Gabi Montiel
Helen Lewis
Isaac Palacios
Jeff Wood
Joe Hoeffner
Jordan Hall
Jordan Drazen
Julia De Vita
Larry McClain
Leslie Coleman
LJ DeWitt
Maia Evrigenis

McKayla Grace 
Mia Buscone
Natalie Landecker
Ryan Gonzalez
Sadie Burrows
Sam Gaffigan
Shane Martin
Shawn Ambrose
Sophie Keats
Steve Savage
Taylor Gianfrancisco
Vivian O’Grady

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