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Hip people have told us that if you curate a music blog, you must curate an accompanying playlist. We comply with that reality via Sunday Stories.

That’s our Spotify playlist, and it features music that a) tells stories, and b) we really like. Here are some facts about it:

  • It’s got 10 songs, so it’s about the length of time it’ll take you to fold the laundry you’ve neglected doing all week.
  • It’s updated weekly, so it stays super fresh, unlike the laundry you haven’t done all week.
  • You should subscribe to it.

This music is really good. You can buy it on Amazon Music by clicking through.

Note on that: our Amazon Affiliate status means that we’ll get a percentage of the sale, so if you kind of like us, that’s a nice thing to do. The price you pay isn’t impacted, but our affection for you is (just kidding, we like you either way).