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by Jon Anderson

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Here’s our sponsorship philosophy: we want to tell stories, not make noise. If you’re part of a story that aligns with ours, we do offer placements on our site and in our newsletter to help you tell it.

We’ll work with you to create content that stays true to our mission, brand, and audience while putting you in front of the artists and story-lovers we reach.

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Hey, Quick Sponsored Thing: PR Service to Get Your Music Featured in Music Blogs

The gist: the team at Two Story Melody is opening up a PR service to help artists get heard and covered at cool blogs like this one. We create a sweet EPK. We pitch until we get you covered. We celebrate success with a sweet customized handshake (optional).

If you're tired of pitching your music yourself, if you finally want to find your audience, or if you just like us, click here to learn more.


Hey, you. I’m writing a book on how to promote indie music.

It’s called How to Promote Indie Music. Pretty straightforward.


Anyway, it’s meant to answer the questions I usually get asked by artists – stuff like:


“What platforms should I do promo on?// How do I do it? // Where should I submit my music?// Do you really know Sandra Bullock?”


It’s out March 2020. You can sign up here for sneak peeks.