poolblood on “Twinkie,” Influences, and Inspiration

When you write for an independent music blog, you hear a lot of different independent music. Duh. But you realize that after a while, the stuff that really gets big isn’t soulless or indifferent. Rather, it’s the stuff that makes you a bit emotional or even reminiscent in some way. I like to compare the […]

“Standing At All” by Knuckle Pups: Cohesion, Community, Companionship

Today, I sat down in front of my computer, ready to take notes on “Standing at All.” About five seconds in, I started typing, “this has to be a Midwest pop-punk/emo band.” And perhaps I was justified in this thought; maybe it had to do with the crude, hand-drawn cover for their album TV Ready, […]

Jeanes on “Simple Jayne”, Naturalism, and Folk Influences

You’ve heard the stories of the well-known naturalists. Henry David Thoreau, Chris McCandless, and so forth. The artist Jeanes has a philosophy that truly reminds me of these past figures. In his music, he aims to produce not just a song, but an atmosphere. He believes in the importance of escaping manmade factors and embracing […]

“Justinian” by Moon Hound: An Open-Hearted Love Letter

Unlike what you may expect from its title, “Justinian” isn’t about ancient Roman history. Or is it? The Moon Hound song, off brand-new EP, Wait for Nothing, uses analogous historical imagery to share a personal experience. It’s not quite historic, but it’s broad enough to apply to just about everything, so it’s pretty neat. This […]

“Better Way” by Lindsay Clark: Indie Folk About Loving Yourself and Others

Speaking from personal experience, before you can love others or let others love you, it’s important to love yourself first. I think Lindsay Clark would agree with me. Her song, “Better Way,” serves as a proponent for self-love through a reflection on experiences of self-destruction and toxicity.  The first word that comes to mind is […]

“Methadone” by Small Town Sci-Fi: Honest, Unvarnished Songwriting

If you happen to have any spare time, I’d recommend checking out “Methadone.” For legal purposes, I’ll add a disclaimer to this review: not the drug. Don’t do that. To be more specific, I’m talking about the song “Methadone” by Small Town Sci-Fi. The song serves as the opener off the artist’s first EP, Psycho, […]

“Run, Run, Run (Leaving the Village)” by Miss Nöyd: Pristine, Freeing Music

I could think of a million words to describe “Run Run Run (Leaving the Village)” by Miss Nöyd. Pristine. Enchanting. Delicate. Rather, like our singer does, I’ll leave you with a sea of my thoughts and wisdom. It probably won’t be as structured and elegant as hers, but that’s okay. This song’s piano is nothing […]

“Amour Fou” by Beverly Kills: This Song About Crazy Love is Crazy Good

Not even a second into “Amour Fou” by Beverly Kills, I knew that I was about to get into something really good. You know how sometimes you immediately hear the first few moments of a song, and your head and ears perk up in excitement and anticipation? For me, that happens for really danceable and […]

“Pessimism” by Lee Trent: Deeper Than Just Bad Vibes

Lee Trent, the artist formerly known as Trent Woods, is pretty new to the scene. Releasing music during the height of the pandemic in 2020, his first single under his new moniker was “Optimism,” released this year. Now, interestingly (and ironically?), Trent returns with a follow-up single, appropriately deemed “Pessimism.” I won’t boldly assume what […]

“Thief” by Cam Maclean: Short but Impactful Folk Song

Cam Maclean’s “Thief” is short, but sweet. At only two minutes and forty-one seconds, “Thief” isn’t even the shortest on Maclean’s sophomore album, Secret Verses. Regardless, it’s still a lovely song, and I found myself wishing for another chorus, another verse, whatever I could get to keep it going. This song actually reminded me of […]

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