“Telephone Dreams” by Wolf Circus: Fresh, Charming Synthpop

One of the things that I love most about music is how it refuses to be a static art form. Musicians and songwriters are never satisfied with complacency in musical development. Instead, they are endlessly pushing the envelope of music—how it’s made, what it sounds like, where it goes. Yet, even with this constant sense […]

Reflection and Loneliness in Lande Hekt’s “December”

“It was December / I wasn’t feeling well,” Lande Hekt laments in the first verse of her newest single. She then goes on to wonder aloud, “But am I ever?” The Exeter-born musician Lande Hekt is releasing her debut solo album, Going To Hell, next month, and the singles already out to stream tell stories […]

“Fruitcake” by Subsonic Eye: Singular Indie Rock from Singapore

The singular Singaporean indie rockers Subsonic Eye just dropped their latest single from their upcoming album, Nature of Things. Part post-punk, part dream pop, part new wave, “Fruitcake” is an anthemic track brimming with depth, fervor, and raw sincerity. The group of five finds new life in liminal spaces in this sneak peek of their […]

“Moonstone” by Parlour Magic: Catchy, Atmospheric Synthpop

One of my favorite things about electronic music is how it’s constantly pushing the envelope of sonic possibilities. Even when a producer uses vintage synthesizers or retro beats, the creative spirit of the music often feels forward-looking, or boundary-pushing. Maybe it’s just our tendency as humans to equate electronic spectacles with futuristic vision, but you […]

Retrospective Reviews: Lisa Germano’s “…A Psychopath”

Content warning: this song and article contains descriptions of sexual violence. Why are people fascinated by horror? Every year it seems like there’s a new pantheon of horror movies released to scare us senseless—it really feels like we have a bizarre obsession with terror. But the stories that are most terrifying to us are the […]

“Sugar Hill” by Rose Rose: Sparkling, Effervescent Pop

Rose Rose is an intriguing project. A duo, these two young producers are entirely self-taught musicians working between Paris and London. Their debut single synthesizes a culmination of two years of sonic research, a debut that is already astounding to begin with, without even considering just how young these producers are. “Sugar Hill,” the first […]

“Summer Up North” by Martha Hill: Bittersweet Yet Optimistic

Can you have too much of a good thing? Is there a point when you need to cut yourself off from the things that you do, even when they make you feel good? In the title track of her new EP Summer Up North, Newcastle-based Martha Hill confronts the demons of her own reality and […]

“I Love Only You” by Smokescreens: The Unrestrained Joy of Romance

When you think back on some of the most romantic moments in cinematic history, what comes to mind? Is it Kate Winslet tumbling down a hill in the rain only to be swept up by a dashing young gentleman? Is it Julia Roberts, just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to […]

“Cat’s Cradle” by Tigers Jaw: A Playful Metaphor for a Tangled Truth

One of the best things about kids (or worst, pick your poison) is how attached they get to the most random trends. Silly bands, rainbow loom bracelets, those weird little eraser toys that no one ever actually used for erasing—they all hearken back to simpler times. And of course, the pillar of schoolyard fads: string […]

The Sonders Bombs’ “Crying Is Cool”: Let It All Out

In the music video for their latest drop, “Crying Is Cool,” The Sonder Bombs frolic around in murky lake waters, blow bubbles, chow down on hot dogs, and tell scary stories in the dark. It’s the kind of summertime fun that seems like a pipe dream, a distant memory of all our delightful summer plans […]

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