“Mother on You” by An Triangles Is a Field Trip to the Past

Based out of Boston, alternative indie musician and multi-instrumentlalist Doug Poppe, (who goes by the stage name An Triangles) released his second single titled, “Mother on You.” Play the song and that’s what you’ll hear, literally. “Mother on You” starts with the hushed sounds of kids playing on a school playground. There’s a single walking […]

“A Lovers Plea (Act I)” by Mountains Like Wax: A flood of raw emotion

Content warning: this post deals with heavy subjects and mentions themes involving suicide. If you prefer to avoid these subjects, then do whatever makes you most comfortable. Feel free to skip this post, and if you’re in the mood, you can check out this review I wrote on “Park Song” by Bee Hall. “A Lovers […]

“Park Song” by Bee Hall: An Ode to a Neighborhood Runs Deep

“Park Song” by Bee Hall is smooth and soft: the melody is calm, and nothing shouts out at you. The song is deceptively simple, relaxed and slow. You can hear the whistle of the winds and the screeching sounds of the city’s subway breaks. “Park Song” is supposedly an ode to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, […]

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