Joel Ansett delivers a quiz show for the soul

First impressions mean a lot. No one likes a floppy handshake. Opening lines of a novel matter too. How many books have you not read because the story sets off blandly? Albums are no different, and the opening song not only creates a statement for what’s to come but needs to grab the attention of […]

“Pebble” is a multi-genre banger

Every song should take you somewhere. Tugaloo’s “Pebble” takes you to places without you even realizing it. The song starts, and your first thought is that you’ve stumbled upon a solid singer-songwriter acoustic piece. It builds a bit, it’s all lovely, then after a minute comes a shift. And from that point on, it keeps […]

Old Friends, New Friends writes lyrics to get lost in

Life, in many ways, is a set of routines. Some are small, such as putting the cutlery away in the correct order. Some are a little bigger, such as putting the recycling out on the allotted night.  Other routines impact us in ways we don’t always recognize. “Now That You’re Older”, the debut single from […]

Ryan Waczek’s “Broken” Is The Ultimate Earworm

When I was 16, I had a part-time job washing dishes at a local pub. During one shift, Kelis’ “Milkshake” popped into my head and nothing I did could get it out. 18 years later, the same thing happened. Though this time the song in question was “Broken” by Ryan Wackez (ft. Ruhde). And thankfully, […]

Aimee C. Alexander Wants Us to Go Searching In “Storage”

I am a massive fan of test cricket. For those that don’t follow the sport, it’s the version that lasts five days and can still end up in a draw. There is time for a story to develop, for subplots to thicken and for a grand finish to be set up. Give me five days […]

Alastair Leonard’s “Pavlova Dogs” Uses Simple Tricks to Find Hidden Spaces

Spotify Wrapped is a digitized summary of your listening on the platform for the year. It told me I had listened to over 3000 artists across 95 genres, including the cheery tones of post-doom metal, with a bit of indie soul as an antidote. But I don’t know which genre Alastair Leonard’s “Pavlova Dogs” belongs […]

Jett Foreman’s “Can We Be the Ocean?” Is Fit for a Movie Scene

Mary Robinette Kowal’s Washington Post review of Andy Weir’s novel, Project Hail Mary, isn’t wholly positive. That’s cool, you can’t like everything about everything. But in that review, there is one bit that stands out. …but the novel seems written to be a movie… I don’t see the problem with that. Creativity doesn’t stay in […]

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