Radiohead Bring the Strings and Paranoia with “Burn The Witch”

Radiohead are good at (and renowned for) upending people’s expectations. So their lead single from 2016 album A Moon Shaped Pool was what we might call an expected surprise. Radiohead are sometimes described as alt rock or indie rock. There’s often guitars somewhere, and whilst this album has that feel, the first song everyone heard […]

Katy Kirby Celebrates Something Sparkly on “Cubic Zirconia”

A cubic zirconia is an artificially created diamond. A competitor to the real thing, it’s close enough for the average person not to be able to tell the difference. It’s also the title of Katy Kirby’s new song. The song is charming. But it’s also arranged to surprise you.  For whilst it contains sounds and […]

The National offer hope on ‘Send For Me’

The National seem to have slowly and purposefully shuffled towards legendary status over the years. Collaborating with superstars and boasting a rabid fanbase, they create wild bursts of rock about random moments of social interaction or elegiac laments about abandoned clothing or emotions with extraordinarily colourful and inscrutable lyrical content. Less regularly, as with the […]

Is “Wherever You Are” Neil Finn’s most romantic song?

In 1996, a TV advert ran with the tagline, “you know more Crowded House songs than you think you do.” It was clever, but also true. The inherent catchiness in Neil Finn’s songwriting paired with lyrics that sit on a knife’s edge between reality and dreams ensure that his songs, once in your brain, are […]

Noah Gundersen isn’t giving up on “Better Days”

There’s a piano. It’s broken or muffled. There seems to be the sound of people moving about in the background. It turns out those noises are the drums that soon join in. This is how Noah Gundersen’s “Better Days” starts. Quietly, effected, but deceptive, for when the singing starts it’s crystal clear, soulful, and emotional. […]

The The get “Infected” with a Sweet Disease

In 1989 English band The The released Mind Bomb, a luscious album that capitalised on everything its predecessor had promised. It’s a quiet masterpiece that still holds very strong today and is one of my favourite albums of all time. But the previous 1986 album was where I discovered this passionate, unique band. I was […]

The Half-awake Dream of Jörgen Kjellgren’s “On A Tuesday”

If you make music, if you put pen to paper and voice to tape (well… the electronic equivalent these days, but I’m being nostalgic), does the time of day or day of the week affect what comes out? Tuesday is the day of the week for music producer and singer songwriter Jörgen Kjellgren’s latest song, […]

“1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins’ best song

There’s three things I love about The Smashing Pumpkins. First, Billy Corgan’s look – watch the videos for “Ava Adore” or “Stand Inside Your Love” – he’s mesmerizing, a modern rock Nosferatu. Second, their name – it’s hilarious! And third, “1979” – their best song. There are other songs I like but “1979” has this […]

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