The Half-awake Dream of Jörgen Kjellgren’s “On A Tuesday”

If you make music, if you put pen to paper and voice to tape (well… the electronic equivalent these days, but I’m being nostalgic), does the time of day or day of the week affect what comes out? Tuesday is the day of the week for music producer and singer songwriter Jörgen Kjellgren’s latest song, […]

“1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins’ best song

There’s three things I love about The Smashing Pumpkins. First, Billy Corgan’s look – watch the videos for “Ava Adore” or “Stand Inside Your Love” – he’s mesmerizing, a modern rock Nosferatu. Second, their name – it’s hilarious! And third, “1979” – their best song. There are other songs I like but “1979” has this […]

“Pull” by Joel Ansett is a Welcome Moment of Calm

It’s a loud, busy, frenetic world out there, isn’t it? Sometimes it can be overwhelming, I know! If you need a couple of minutes to escape from it all, you could do a lot worse than to listen to “Pull” by Joel Ansett. Gentle, confident guitar notes are counted in and a sweet voice with […]

Meditation in loss: “Holy Smoke” by Nicki Wells

It seems fitting that “Holy Smoke” is highly minimal. It’s a track that invites you to quietly join it in the open space, to have the room to feel what you need to as the track slowly calms you. Nicki Wells seems to have been influenced by a wealth of different musical styles but here […]

Why Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” endures

You know that feeling when you’ve discovered a song and it feels personal to you? It feels like something in that song is speaking to you, and no one else. Then you find out that millions of people are listening to that song and it feels jaded, it feels like it’s no longer special because […]

Grab a partner and dance to Daffodil Floors by Mandi Mapes

I love a waltz, don’t you? I’ve got a feeling Mandi Mapes might be partial to one as well, judging by the joyous way she delivers Daffodil Floors. I found myself immediately swaying my head from side to side as her latest song started to play with a sweet little piano line. It’s pretty, pretty […]

Gentle simplicity works on Willow by Ella Rae Cole

An attractive strummed acoustic guitar pattern introduces “Willow” by Ella Rae Cole and her even more attractive singing soon follows. There is the addition of a cello part that comes in and out of the song at different intervals. This serves the delicacy of the delivery of this gentle song but due to its clever […]

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