How to Grow an Email List as a Musician in 2024

Despite everyone saying that email remains an underrated and underappreciated marketing channel, the fact is that email remains severely underrated. This underrated streak is almost as impressive as Cal Ripken Jr. starting two thousand one hundred and thirty-one consecutive major league baseball games.  Email marketing wins the Iron Man Award for underrated marketing tactics for […]

10 Ways to Make Money as a Musician in 2024

Every year, we like to ask artists how they make money. What were the things that actually worked and led to an inflow of cash in their bank accounts? In our most recent survey, we received 75 responses from musicians that Jon broke down on the YouTube channel. He detailed what musicians do to make […]

How Did Noah Kahan Become Famous?

I read a lot of detective stories when I was a kid. I’m talking about the Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and pretty much anything that had a red herring or two and could keep me turning pages to get to the resolution.  I also solved four of the New York Times crossword puzzles […]

Get Your Music in Video Games 2024

How to Get Your Music in Video Games Video games are a powerful and sometimes forgotten avenue for spreading your music to new audiences and building a sustainable music career. Some songs have long since left my consciousness, but if you play them and they happened to have featured on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or […]

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