13 Best Music Review Sites To Submit To (Or Read!)

Thousands of musicians play in bars each night just waiting to be discovered by the right person. They hope and pray for their fairy godmother (or dream talent agent) to waltz in and see just how stellar they are. With so many musicians in that in-between stage — producing quality music but not quite making […]

The Story of Norman Wilkerson’s “Illusions of Grandeur”

Dabbling in poetry, music and game design, Norman Wilkerson makes himself a triple threat. With his bold new release Illusions of Grandeur, he returns to the indie scene diving headfirst into the darker side of the genre. Check out what he had to say about this newest passion project:  Before we dive into the […]

Remington Super 60 Entice Us Down ‘The Highway Again’

Remington Super 60 is no stranger to the music scene. The band has been making music since 1998 but has experienced enough internal change to keep up with the ebb and flow of the industry. Their newest single “The Highway Again” reveals their ability to stay relevant while maintaining an old-school charm.  The lyrics […]

Trentemøller goes out on a limb “In The Garden”

Danish composer and producer Trentemøller combines his electro-pop genius with the indie-pop vocals of Lina Tullgren to create a dreamy electro-pop masterpiece. The first few bars of “In The Garden” make the listener think they are about to dive into an upbeat bop. But they will soon find that Trentemøller waxes reflective once again.  […]

The Story of Connor McCoy’s “Problem Children”

Connor McCoy is no stranger to musical theory. Since childhood, McCoy has been performing and creating music. In his newest single “Problem Children,” he brings an upbeat sound that extends outside the realm of his typical repertoire. He puts a lot of thought and personality into both his songwriting and his interviewing. Check out what […]

Bitter Calm Warns You: “Don’t Look Down”

In their own words, Bitter Calm writes “loud, slow songs about love and death, and they’ve never had so much fun.” The Alabama-based band formed in the wake of tragedy for founder Michael Harp as he grieved the loss of his father. I love the name “Bitter Calm,” obviously a play on the term “bitter […]

Diving Into Minru’s “Lakes”

Swedish indie artist Minru begins her single “Lakes” with a subtle bass line, leaving us wondering where the song might go from here. Initially, the song creates a sultry atmosphere, but soon develops into a dreamy folk pop number. As the song progresses, the instrumentation retains its minimalist approach while still accomplishing a full sound. […]

ELKI’s “Nightmare” is a Dream Come True

Australian indie artist ELKI cuts right to the chase in her new single “Nightmare.” We usually get a musical introduction from artists before they dive into the lyrics. Not so with ELKI. Immediately ELKI begins to tell a story in which insecurity and hope collide to the tune of a soft beach-pop number. The combination […]

An Emotional Take on Foxpaw’s “D Minor”

Foxpaw is a self-proclaimed “folk emo solo project.” If you’re looking for a second opinion, I agree with the diagnosis. You easily gather that from their singles, but their Spotify description fits perfectly too. Now I’ve never been one for the emo scene — disappointing, I know. But no matter your familiarity with the genre, […]

Living Vicariously through littleDEATH’s “Losemyhead”

littleDEATH surprised me. I guess you can’t completely judge a book by its cover or a band by its name. Right away I thought, “This is not my genre.” I joke about being punk. I am not. At all. I love a good pop-punk number riddled with teen-angst. But if you took one look at […]

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