Destitution Meets Compassion in Holly Humberstone’s “Easy Tiger”

Well, I spent the whole of last week underwaterOn occasion, I would surface from my roomGot a first-class view from right here in my fortressGot a staring contest going with the moon Holly Humberstone’s “Easy Tiger” is not lacking in slow, deliberate destitution. The song begins with the kind of sadness that settles like humidity […]

Aedan Peterson’s “The End Did Come” and Thwarted Expectations

How often do we find ourselves saying, whether out loud or in our heads, Nothing came of it? In high school, I spent most of my free time playing tennis. I was decent, and thought that with enough practice, I might play in college. I still remember key matches that left me either exuberant or […]

Jon Foreman’s “In Bloom” is a Song for Spring

In Nashville, spring always surprises us. I think it’s because winters here are especially bleak. We get all the bad parts of winter – freezing temperatures, harsh winds, and a sun setting early in a sky that’s been gray for weeks. We rarely get snow, and when we do, it cripples the city for a […]

Donovan Woods is Back with “Rosemary”

“Well then, RosemaryIn your pretty eyes, darlin’I am always in the way of what you’re wanting” Donovan Woods self-deprecates like it’s an Olympic sport. Not one of the main ones, like swimming or track and field. I’m talking about one of those weirdly gravitating ones that you didn’t know someone could be so good at, […]

Vampire Weekend is Back with “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops”

For a long time, I deliberately avoided Vampire Weekend. I had my reasons, unfair as they were. From a distance, they seemed like the incarnation of every dream that went to East Nashville to die. They were a group of young Ivy League white guys with big shirts and no record label, cool because a […]

Share the Nostalgia of Ben Shive’s “Here It Was”

A few years ago, I started noticing something that made me laugh. I was sitting in a coffee shop in midmorning, doing my best not to eavesdrop. But some people are loud talkers, bless their hearts. The group across from me was being entertained by one such person. He was telling a story as I […]

Mon Rovîa’s “City On A Hill” Is Its Own World

Our truest moments – the ones that are pure, unadulterated living – are those that engage all the senses. If I ask you to recall a barefoot walk through mown grass, chances are your memory can bring you back to one with ease, right down among the details. You know where you were, and how […]

The Best Songs of 2023 (that You Probably Missed)

This is a tad late, I know. We’re a few weeks into the new year, enough time to make it feel like 2023 was a different time during which you were a different person. You went to the gym less and spent more time on social media back then. You meditate now, and take ice […]

George David’s “Chequers” is a Deliberate Story

There’s a fine line between being deliberate and being slow. You shouldn’t have to reach too far into your experience to know what I mean by “slow.” The DMV is slow; Monday mornings are slow; your 10th grade math class was slow. Slow things take more time than is their due: one might say they’re […]

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