How Musicians Actually Marketed Their Music in 2023 (with Stats)

You guys came through in the clutch. Big thanks to everyone who filled out my survey. Here’s the quick recap: And that brings us to this present day, on which I will be sharing the results from our – drumroll please 🥁 – 130 responses. You guys rock. Two caveats before we get into the […]

Art, music, and identity as a step forward

I heard this story about a songwriting class. I think it was on an old CD Baby podcast, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, the story involves a songwriter roundtable at a college of music, one of those contexts where students share songs and receive feedback. As I remember it, some of the students would […]

Are Spotify’s royalty changes a big deal?

I’m wading into the controversy this morning… To make it even more offensive: I think most people (including, maybe, you) are overreacting. Yeah, yeah – I know Tom already wrote about this topic in an email that was kinder and more insightful than anything I’ve written this year. So this morning’s post is fated to be redundant, slightly […]

Meta Ads for Music: 3 Tips for 2024

This year, I made two big decisions related to my music marketing agency: 1. I stopped offering press services. I wrote about this here, but the upshot is that after five-plus years of helping artists get covered in blogs, I just got kind of burned out. I haven’t run a PR campaign in six or seven […]

Social Media for Musicians: A 2023 Hot Take

A couple weeks ago, I promised you that I’d “offer my two cents on whether you really need to be on social media to make it as an artist.” I’m a man of my word when I remember to be. So, as promised, here are my two cents on whether you need to be on […]

The Artist’s Struggle

I always feel a little bit anxious when I sit down to write. Weird, right? I mean, I’ve been writing consistently every week for three years. And it’s not even that big of a deal, you know? Most of our readers probably see this post, consider it for thirteen seconds, then move on and never […]

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