Spotify’s Royalty Changes Revisited

Remember when Spotify announced all those changes to their royalty systems? I’m guessing you do, because it was only a few months ago and because a lot of people (including the folks on this reddit thread, the guy in this video, and maybe, dare I say it, you) were very upset. It was a hot topic. So, naturally, […]

A Spotify Scam in 2024

Here are some words I wrote about a year ago: “I’m tired of artists calling things ‘scams.’ Most things just are not scams. Most people in this industry are trying really hard to do good work. I think our tendency to call things scams is symptomatic of an underlying cultural issue: We’re a grace-impoverished people.” […]

How To Get One Million Streams On Spotify

Clearing the Air Okay, let’s go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room before the vibe gets too awkward, because I’ve heard tell that unacknowledged room-elephants grow in size until they either force you out of the room or mercilessly crush you against its walls: I have not gotten one million streams on Spotify. […]

How to Get on Spotify’s Release Radar Playlist

Playlists are a vital part of gaining more streams on Spotify, and one fundamental playlist for independent and self-managed artists is the Release Radar. Imagine having 10,000 followers listening to your song on their Release Radar playlist the same week as your release; the exposure and impact the Release Radar playlist can provide for an […]

How to Trigger the Spotify Radio Playlist

Spotify has several playlists on its platform that can help artists gain more exposure and streams from listeners. These playlists include editorial playlists curated by Spotify editors that one can pitch to be featured. Additionally, there are algorithmic playlists that are auto-generated for each user based on their listening history and preferences. While you cannot […]

Are There Real Spotify Promotions?

If you want to make a name for yourself in the music industry, you know that having a solid marketing strategy is paramount. But let’s be real: the music marketing landscape can be tough to navigate. With everyone vying for the attention of listeners, it often feels like a cutthroat competition against big companies and […]

How to Increase Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Spotify has been the most popular music streaming platform for the last few years, and with over 551 million users and 220 premium subscribers, it is by far surpassing Amazon, Apple, and YouTube Music. What is Spotify’s secret? The Swedish startup entered the market in 2008 to address piracy issues in the music industry by […]

Can you make money on Spotify?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, and if you’re asking the question chances are you already suspect the answer may not be a favorable one, so here goes nothing: sure, you can make money on Spotify, but it ain’t easy. For most artists, payouts from Spotify – at least payouts significant enough to […]

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