Meta Ads for Music: 3 Tips for 2024

This year, I made two big decisions related to my music marketing agency: 1. I stopped offering press services. I wrote about this here, but the upshot is that after five-plus years of helping artists get covered in blogs, I just got kind of burned out. I haven’t run a PR campaign in six or seven […]

Is Spotify Promotion Worth It?

My YouTube comment section is quickly becoming a gold mine for new posts. Honestly, most of the comments I get are really nice; even the somewhat-challenging comments are usually structured politely. So far, my videos have never elicited quite the reaction that Tom provoked from Johan*. (Tom was asking for it, I think.) But every […]

How I’m Building a Spotify Playlist Network

So I’m in the midst of a fun little experiment… I’m building a playlist network. In this post, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about what I’m doing with the playlist network and how it’s going – because it’s kind of my pet project right now, and because I feel like I […]

7 Tips to Grow on Spotify for 2023

In an effort to, as the marketing guru bros say, “provide insane value,” I want to share a few of the brass tacks – stuff that you can actually implement for yourself to grow on Spotify. So here we go. This is a hodgepodge of seven tactics and tips that I’ve seen working over the past year.  […]

Partnered Projects Review: Is Their Spotify Promo Worth It?

Thinking about using Partnered Projects and wondering if they’re worth it? I’ll give you the short answer first: Based on my personal experience running a campaign, Partnered Projects is a legit, effective means of driving streams and engagement on Spotify. Our campaign, which I received as a free trial worth $189, drove about 10,275 streams […]

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