Tugaloo has mastered the art of chaos

Some people just don’t get the album. Playlist people want constant variety. Yes, they might binge five seasons of a show in a weekend, but no way could they commit to 45 minutes of music from one artist or group. There are playlist people, and there are album people. I am the latter, and I […]

Imogen Clark is Iconic on “Big One”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and proclaim that Imogen Clark is destined to be an international star with the release of her new album The Art Of Getting Through in May. Everything about this Australian artist screams “charisma.” Her songwriting, singing, production wizardry and everything else. Imogen’s latest single “Big One” is […]

Katy Kirby’s “Blue Raspberry” is Cubic Zirconia in the Rough

Katy Kirby’s new album is a languorous, poetic ode to artificiality and imperfection. Chronicling the end of a relationship and the bright, sparkling discovery of a new one, Kirby warbles, trills, and serenades over somber piano, understated guitar, and the occasional soaring strings. The album drawls in slow and almost hymnal with the syllabic, chantlike […]

Noele Flowers’ Triptych Singles Are a Sight to Behold

Noele Flowers has time and time again proven her unique ability to write stirring and frustratingly relatable heartbreak songs, not about a lover but instead: friendship. And in her most recent trio of singles—”Spider’s Silk,” “Red Sweater,” and “Let You Down”—she walks us through a friendship of 10 years—how it slowly degrades, and is lost. […]

JUNGWOO’s “Cumulus” is Blissfully Liminal

I heard JUNGWOO for the first time in 2019 when she popped up in my new releases with a Kim Sawol feature, one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. I made the grave mistake of not further exploring her music or clicking onto the album from which the song joined my playlists. Unfortunately, this […]

Joel Ansett delivers a quiz show for the soul

First impressions mean a lot. No one likes a floppy handshake. Opening lines of a novel matter too. How many books have you not read because the story sets off blandly? Albums are no different, and the opening song not only creates a statement for what’s to come but needs to grab the attention of […]

The Japanese House’s “In the End It Always Does” & Cycles

When I was in middle school, I wrote a science paper from the perspective of a water droplet to prove I understood the water cycle: evaporate, rise, cool & condense… I got rave reviews back about the emotional turmoil of my water droplet as she was ripped from her family’s river current to the sky […]

Noele Flower’s Debut EP “Wait For Me” is a Stunning Retrospective

image: Luca Pearl Khosrova Noele Flowers’s debut EP, “Wait For Me” is a journey, a diary, a biopic – a testament to letting go of regrets and holding onto hope, and ultimately? A damn good listen. Ranging from optimistic, bright surf pop, to heavy-hit ballads and soft forest-folk, Flowers has taken inspiration from the path […]

Haley Harkin Absolves Anxiety with To Heal Her Too

Haley Harkin’s newest album, To Heal Her Too, has a theme of self understanding that brings an intense sense of peace and purpose. The album is reminiscent of something from the 70s, and not only is the album incredibly calming and uplifing, but the sound is magnetizing. A brilliant album full of plucky guitar and […]

Around The Sun In 80 Ways

Songs make my mind a traveler, and as I listened to GALASO’s EP Around the Sun, my thoughts ventured to a few different places. Well, one place in particular. It might sound trite, but GALASO’s smooth vocals brought me back to the old roller rink- so much so that I Googled “Roller Rink.” (What do […]

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