Good Things

by Jon Anderson

Santa Rosa Records

We dig Santa Rosa Records. Click over to their site, and the first thing you’ll find is that they’ve got eclectically great music taste. They’re not just a curator of nifty alternative tunes, though – they’re an independent label, publishing company, and recording studio, on top of it all. Pretty sweet setup, and no doubt that that kind of integration is really helpful to the indie music community.

So yeah – if you’ve got music to share, hit them up.


Song fancy is dedicated to helping inspire and ignite the creative spirit in songwriters. Pretty noble goal, and one we can definitely get behind. And they do a good job with it, too. Scroll through their blog feed, and you’ll get your creative juices flowing in no time with helpful tips, thought-provoking approaches, and, above all, encouragement to keep going with fellow songwriters.

If you’re looking for tips on writing (or a spark to light your creative fire), go give SongFancy a look.

The Sweet Bird Sang

Per their about page, “The Sweet Bird Sang is an indie music blog where you will discover sweet, sweet music.”

True that. Our take: if you’re looking to head off the beaten path to find eclectic music that’s driven by real emotion (and created by super interesting artists), this is the place to go.

Atwood Magazine

Atwood Magazine has an obvious passion for music.With features on up-and-coming independent acts getting placement beside industry stars, Atwood is a great platform to get your indie music heard.

From their about page:

“We are celebrators of creativity. Atwood Magazine is an independent music journal dedicated to providing authentic writing, engaging, insightful editorials, and unique perspectives on music.” Yeah, we dig that.

Hey, Quick Sponsored Thing: PR Service to Get Your Music Featured in Blogs & Spotify Playlists

Our friends at Omari are really good at helping artists get heard and listed in cool indie blogs and playlists. They've worked with big acts (Judah & the Lion) and bedroom artists alike (which is feasible cuz service starts at $77). Anyway, take a look. Disclaimers: it's an affiliate link, and yeah, they're good.

If you're tired of pitching your music yourself, if you finally want to find your audience, or if you just like us, click here to learn more.

Hey, you. I’m writing a book on how to promote indie music.

It’s called How to Promote Indie Music. Pretty straightforward.

Anyway, it’s meant to answer the questions I usually get asked by artists – stuff like:

“What platforms should I do promo on?// How do I do it? // Where should I submit my music?// Do you really know Sandra Bullock?”

Out August 2020. You can sign up here for sneak peeks.