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12 Best Indie Soundcloud Playlists

by Guest Contributor

If you are an Indie music lover, I bet that Soundcloud is always open on one of your tabs. If it’s not, it probably should be. After all, it’s a great place to discover new, quality music created by indie artists. 

However, picking a playlist that’s actually, you know, good, is always a tough call. To help, we’ve gathered a list of 12 top indie music playlists on Soundcloud to help you narrow down your choices – and, most importantly, enjoy some good indie music.

1. Gentle Dreams

As stated, an indie/chill/electronic playlist compiled of 18 songs chosen by Soundcloud user AlexRainbirdMusic. The list was created with the intention to help you to sleep”, claims Alex. if you check his Soundcloud profile you’ll find various indie playlists almost for every occasion, every music genre, yet this one is ideal when you are seeking to have a peaceful time, to rest and relax. 

This playlist is liked by over 116k thousand Soundcloud users, so you’ll agree that it certainly deserves your attention. 

2. Relaxing Sunday Mornings 

Here’s another playlist curated by the above-mentioned Alex (alexrainbirdMusic) with 16 songs perfect for having that relaxing cup of coffee on Sunday mornings. 

What’s better than laying in a warm bed with some nice chill music playing in the background? Over 50 thousand likes go in favor of this playlist.

3. Chill Tracks

Another chill playlist that might interest you, liked by over 19 thousand Soundcloud users. This one is handpicked by an author named Best Indie Playlists – makes sense, right?

If you check it out you’ll find 12 tracks from winter 2015, ideal to take time to smell the roses.

4. Dawn of Winter

Soundcloud profile Best Indie Playlists certainly knows to pick likable songs – this playlist is also very popular on Soundcloud. This one, in particular, is more focused on indie rock, but you’ll find some disco and EDM as well.

A mix of different beats that match perfectly is what makes this playlist ideal for almost any occasion: hosting an event, for a workout, chilling out with friends, etc.

5. Indie Pop

If you want some mainstream, melodic beats this playlist is right for you. A mix of 33 hits handpicked by Jacob Lasker will cheer you up and make you wanna dance!

If you prefer some alternative music – skip this list, however, this mix of songs goes in favor of pop music.

6. Summer Twilight 

Another great choice of songs by the Soundcloud profile Best Indie Playlists. This one spreads some good summer vibes when you play it!

This playlist is a mixture of alternative, party, and chill songs and has been liked by several thousand Soundcloud users. To put it simply: There’s something for every taste!

7. Hipster/Indie/Alternative pt 2

Mad​Fry is a Soundloud user who has put together this great playlist of 449 (!!!) songs, aimed at  hipsters, yet you’ll certainly find some great songs even if your music taste is different. 

A bunch of (good) songs, from various artists, different beats and perfect to forget about music shuffling for a couple of hours. 

8. Emo Indie Rap

Here’s a great list if you are into rap music, with strong lyrics and good beats. The playlists’ author, Scenes, selected 58 emo-rap songs from Indie authors that are highly appreciated amongst the Soundcloud audience. Definitely worth checking out.

9. Old School Rock 

There’s not much to say about this playlist – its name explains it all! Yes, if you are keen on listening to some good old rock stuff – this is a list to bookmark! To make it even better, you’ll find more great playlists under the author’s profile Indie Rock Playlists for almost every occasion: quality rock music for studying, relaxing, working out or partying!

10. Indie Please ! Best of New songs 

Indie Please is a profile you should follow if you enjoy discovering new indie songs. This list isn’t that new, of course, but there’s a reason it is followed by a bunch of Soundcloud users (more than 3 thousand).

96 songs, a mixture of pop and rock that blend well into a nice, relaxing playlist.

11. Indie Lokal

Now here’s something different! A playlist that contains 316 local, Indonesian songs from indie artists. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the lyrics since the melodies are really very, very nice.

Why not surprise your friends at your next gathering with a playlist like this?

12. New Indie Folk

Artists included in this list are Roo Panes, Allman Brown and Old Sea Brigade and more. If you are into indie folk you’ve probably already recognized that these musicians produce some great stuff. 

15 folk songs added by Indie Folk Central will encourage you to check the author’s full playlist on 8tracks.

Now Go Listen to Good Indie Music

Like these playlists? Here’s hoping the answer’s yes. And if you’re looking for more great indie music, check out our collection of the top Spotify indie playlists, too.

No go listen to good music, you fool.

Editor’s note: This article was written by Anna Gran, a music aficionado and content manager at Supreme Tracks – a premier online recording studio. As a lifetime student of music and art, she is well experienced in writing on music-related topics.

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