“7 of Cups” by Wombo: Striking, Trancelike Indie Rock


“7 of Cups” is the latest indie rock single from the Kentucky based trio Wombo in anticipation for their new album Fairy Rust coming out July 29th. However, Wombo doesn’t make the type of music you might expect to see from a Kentuckian group. Made up of vocalist Sydney Chadwick, guitarist Cameron Lowe, and drummer Joel Taylor, Wombo fuses rock, pop, and psychedelic to create their own unique sound.

Press play and soon enough your soul will traverse through the gates of Wombo’s dreamland, a hazy whirlwind of mesmerizing vocals and distorted guitar. Chadwick’s lulling lyrics are the first to greet listeners on their otherworldly journey. Her vocals on their own are beautiful and calming as her voice seems to hold onto each word, not wanting to let them go. Now, add in Lowe’s dreamy guitar and Taylor’s soft drums to solidify the trancelike feel of “7 of Cups”. 

The title of the song itself holds its own special meaning, as Seven of Cups is actually a type of tarot card. First seen in the Middle Ages, tarot cards were and still are used for guidance as each card represents a different aspect of life. Seven of Cups is often argued to symbolize imagination and choice. Tarot cards can be interpreted countless different ways, in the same way “7 of Cups” may be. 

“7 of Cups” emulates the vague feeling of being lost in time. Think deja vu, or something being just on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite remember. The song creates that emotion not only through the lyrics, but with the melody as well. Wombo is somehow able to put all those feelings of confusion and mystery into the perfect indie song. If Fairy Rust follows the same path as this single then we’ll all soon be stuck in Wombo’s limbo.


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