Ali George’s latest album is called Platys Yialos, which translates roughly in Greek as ‘wide beach’. The album cover, made by George’s father, depicts this landscape with swoon-worthy detail. The way the pounding waves and frothy foam bleed into the skyline, or how three-dimensional depth is brought to life with color and texture—the artwork is so vivid and intricate that it sucks you into the scene. In many ways, this mirrors the effect that Ali George’s music has on its listener. His guitar-playing is delicate and picturesque, his lyricism poignant and gripping, and his command for songwriting obvious.

“Another Girl” is the second track off of the album and features guitars, a piano, a double bass, and George’s mellow voice. The message of the song doesn’t immediately hit you over the head. Like the walk on the beach that he sings about, the lyrical content trots out slowly: “We’ve walked the beaches here / We have swam the bays.” After lulling you in with warm imagery and lovely instrumentation, he then confesses, “I’ve fallen in love with another girl.” When he then goes on to add, “She looks just like you / But she comes alive in the island day / And she smiles everywhere she goes,” it’s possible that the pacing of this revelation is meant to soften this devastating blow.

That, or the excellent atmosphere-building George displays here with the arrangement of the track. The rumbling double bass that chimes in intermittently envelops the calm guitars with an air of warm sincerity. Clearly, George has been writing music for a long enough time to develop some real seasoned skills. The way he clings onto the word “fallen” offers a slight cushion for the rest of the line that follows. And then there’s the bridge, a perfect interlude for him to wander through a series of chord progressions before landing back at the chorus. It seems to mirror the emotional journey that he’s on in this song: the first pangs of a new love can be confusing, especially when you feel like it’s wrong. But in the end, George finds a place to land as the chord progression resolves and he fixes his sight back on the object of his love. “I’ve fallen in love with another girl,” he repeats one last time. “And she holds hands with me / As we watch the island slip from view.”

“Another Girl,” from Ali George, the talented UK singer-songwriter, is a remarkable feat of songwriting. From the composition, to the pacing, to the serene imagery, this track feels deeply meaningful and articulated. Inspired by a dreamy beach view, this track is perfect for that long walk at sunset. George’s new album, Platys Yialos, is out now and is definitely worth a listen.