18 Best Indie Music Blogs to Submit to in 2023

Are you an artist looking to submit/promote music? Or perhaps you are a music fan? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best indie blogs of 2023! 1. Santa Rosa Records Santa Rosa records is a Texas-based indie label, publishing company, recording studio, and curator of obscure music from around the globe and across all […]

Lord Huron Gets Darker with Vide Noir

Lord Huron is an American indie band based in Los Angeles. The band takes its name after Lake Huron, where Michigan-born front man Ben Schneider would spend evenings playing music around the campfire. Vide Noir was released on April 20, 2018. It arrives from Whispering Pines/Republic Records (a new arrangement for the band, whose previous […]

Should Artists Pick a Genre?

First, what is a music genre? It’s a conventional category that identifies some pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions. I am not going to pick a side in this article, because ultimately the choice is yours! However, I will give you some reasons why you should pick a […]

4 Sweet Log Cabin Recording Studios

Did you know that some of the world’s greatest music has been recorded in log cabins? Maybe it’s the inspiration that comes with the solitary and calm environment a cabin can provide, or maybe these spots provide a space for real focus and concentration a traditional recording studio cannot give. Most indie music lovers would […]

5 Projects That Prove You Can Record an Album on an iPad / iPhone

In honor of all things lo-fi, here’s a list of five albums and songs recorded entirely on an iPad/iPhone. Because recording studios are (sometimes) overrated. “Fire” by Jake Bugg Fire is the last track on the British musician’s self-titled album released in 2012. Jake recorded the demo for this tune on his iPhone and after […]

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