“Sunburn” by Sylvan Esso: Indulging In A Good Time

It’s hard not to dance when you hear Sylvan Esso’s smooth and spunky new single, “Sunburn.” The entrancing music practically pulls you out of your seat and forces you onto the nearest dance floor. You’ll feel the beat pulsing through your veins, and your body might start to groove on its own.  The duo delivered […]

“Lydia Wears A Cross” by Julia Jacklin: Challenging the Foundation

In her new single, “Lydia Wears A Cross,” Julia Jacklin dives deep into her childhood experiences with religion and challenges the institution she grew up in. She speaks on bittersweet memories, which seem to be the most valuable things she got from these experiences. With a vibrant music video that is just as beautiful as […]

“Janet Planet” by TOPS: The Internal Tussle

“Janet Planet” is TOPS’s spunky take on the struggle of getting out of your own head. It’s a refreshing track with classic production that touches on a relatable predicament — mental health and the internal tussle we have with ourselves every day.  TOPS band member Jane Penny described the song to be about “feeling trapped […]

“Ribs” by Tirzah: Celebrating Healthy Love

“Ribs” by Tirzah is the kind of song you can feel vibrating in your bones. Although this song appears in the indie pop category, the soothing, uplifting lyrics and acoustic vibe give me hints of an R&B love song. It’s like a message in a bottle sent from one lover to another, and we’ve had […]

“Twin” by Hatchie: Long Lost Love

In her latest single “Twin,” Hatchie tells a story about a love that is short lived. The song has a feel-good vibe to it — she’s not complaining, but rather reflecting on a lesson learned. Hatchie’s voice is like an echo that bounces off the walls and settles into everything it touches. It blends beautifully […]

“Spiritstalker” by Hana: An Ethereal Electro-Pop Experience

Prepare to get chills — Hana’s angelic high notes will take you to the astral plane. Arguably one of the most relaxing songs I’ve heard in a while, “Spirit” is an emotional electro-pop single off of her new EP, Moonstoned. In the song, Hana takes on the metaphorical persona of a spirit stalking her love […]

Ruth Radelet’s “Crimes”: A Test of Moral Limits

In her new single “Crimes” Ruth Radelet gets vulnerable with us, posing tough questions about the values we subscribe to and how much it takes for us to forsake them. It’s a dreamy song that makes you want to swing around the room and slow dance while also pondering the questions it raises. The song […]

Lykke Li’s “Highway to Your Heart”: Road Trip to Lost Love

“Highway to Your Heart” is a melancholy ballad about the complexity of love and loss. Lykke Li translates the feelings of longing and hopelessness into an ethereal track that evokes deep emotion. It’s like the musical representation of the long cry you have after a tumultuous romance comes to an end.  The harmonies are so […]

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