“Twin” by Hatchie: Long Lost Love


In her latest single “Twin,” Hatchie tells a story about a love that is short lived. The song has a feel-good vibe to it — she’s not complaining, but rather reflecting on a lesson learned. Hatchie’s voice is like an echo that bounces off the walls and settles into everything it touches. It blends beautifully into the music; she sounds like she is one with the other instruments.

In the track, the artist reminisces about a fling she had in the past. She touches on their experiences without being too specific:

Stars in your eyes, a salty kiss slumber / And I keep on tracing the sand back to you

Based on these lines, I’m thinking they met on a beach at night. Something like that would surely be romantic enough to inspire a song. She goes on to further describe her fantasy scenario, hinting later that they were basically strangers that spent an entire night in each other’s company and fell for each other. They had a very strong connection in a short amount of time. 

And I keep on chasing all that I knew / Before there was you

Although brief, this is a love that clearly affected the singer. When you find yourself longing for the person you were before a certain experience, you know that experience has changed you. Loving the wrong person (or, the right person at the wrong time) can completely change your perception of what love looks like and what it means to you. It seems this person is someone that the singer didn’t plan to have such deep feelings for, and upon ending things, she was left with emotions she wasn’t expecting.

You didn’t know me at all / Wrapped in your arms all night long / A love that couldn’t last another song

This is where the shift occurs, the implied end in the relationship. Earlier in the track, Hatchie says “Wrapped in your arms all night long / A love that lives within a song.” In both cases, likening the love to the length of a song is further confirmation that this romance ended more quickly than the singer would have liked. 

Even at this point, when all hope seems lost and the damage is done, Hatchie still sounds cheerful. Again, she is just relaying an experience, and her tone suggests she would do it all over again if given the chance. Whether she meant to or not, the artist is showing us that you can get past heartbreak and be able to look back on things fondly without feeling bitter. Unlike other songs about failed love, instead of putting the hurt into the music, Hatchie decided to put in growth, wisdom, and optimism.

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