10 Underground Indie Rock Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In a sea of music, it can be hard to pick who you should even begin to listen to. If you need help in the world of indie rock, we’ve got you covered in this article on 10 underground indie rock artists you should be listening to right now. In no particular order, it’s a […]

The Story Of Liz Vice’s “It Was Good”

Imagine if you could be at the very beginning of the world’s creation. Liz Vice, a “Gospel, soul, and R&B infused artist” originally from Portland, OR imagines this in her latest single “It was Good”. Based on the poem, “The Creation” by James Weldon, it begins with a relaxed R&B vibe that I can’t help […]

The Story of At Mission Dolores’ “Before the Rain”

Some days, it’s easy to get lost in thought. Thinking about the things you have to do tomorrow, what you ate for lunch, the inner mechanisms of the world, or that one embarrassing thing you did years ago that your brain will NEVER let you forget. Whatever those thoughts may be, it’s especially easy to […]

Experience Heartbreak “In This Dim Light” With Beverly Kills

While relationships are fun, many of us are bound to experience heartbreak in the form of breakups. They’re painful and involve a lot of tears, nights of little sleep, and a mixture of all sorts of emotions. To sum it up simply, breakups suck. Despite this, they’re a mess of an experience that can lead […]

The Story of ANIIML’s “OUCH!”

Emotions. We all have them, for better or worse. While we can try to shove them down to whatever dark hole we want, they always come bubbling back to the top. You may not be able to change what happens to you, but you can change how you react to them. Lila Rose of ANIIML […]

Whalen and the Willows’ last letter “To Liza”

Imagine if you had to say your last words to your daughter or someone important in your life. This is your one shot and you don’t get to say anything once it’s over. What would you tell them? Would you tell them how much you loved them, or try to give them final words of […]

The Story Of Rosie Tucker’s “Lauren”

What would you do if someone you cherished in life suddenly became very sick? Rosie Tucker, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter explores this in their track “Lauren”. Rosie starts the song in a state of disbelief and a single strumming guitar, saying how Lauren’s going to write the great American novel — once she remembers how […]

Drift and transform With Cliffs & Caves’ “Sea Glass”

The idea of being damaged goods is one of the many things that we can pick up along our path in life. Cliffs & Caves, a mother-daughter duo from Texas, tackle this idea in their track “Sea Glass”. Beginning with a calm wave of string instruments, simple guitar picking, and a steady, slow drum beat, […]

Explore Love and Loss in March with Late Cambrian’s “February”

With the semester a little over halfway through for most college students, I can’t but be brought back to freshman year — a time filled with all sorts of memories such as new friends, new teachers, and watching so many high school relationships that didn’t make it through that first year. Late Cambrian — a male […]

The Story Of Greg Holden’s “I’m Not Your Enemy”

In a world filled with violence, bigotry, and prejudice, it can be hard to remember that there are others still longing for peace. Originally from Scotland before emigrating to the US, Greg Holden comes to us today with his track “I’m Not Your Enemy” to remind us to hold on to love and the changes […]

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