Joel Ansett’s I Should Get Some Rest Gives Melody to a Restless Night

There is a kind of enticing destructiveness to staying up late – I mean painfully late – and giving entertainment to our most tangled thoughts. I was welcomed into Joel Ansett’s newest EP, I Should Get Some Rest, by the comforting sounds of a restless night. Joel’s first track, “Ease,” builds off of a simple […]

Max Embers’ “got to get you” Is a Reminder That the Search Is Okay

As humans, we seem to be constantly on the search for who we truly are. “Finding yourself” is a popular idea – something, in fact, that we’re told to seek out. Max Embers’ “Got To Get You” expresses the anxiety around this idea, and brings us inside his brain at a self-reflective moment. He asks: […]

Chico Harpo’s “He’s In The News Again” Is Rocking, Well-Placed Anger

Before the virus shut down much of the world, it seemed like every few weeks there would be news of another school shooting. I remember as a student, sitting silently next to my classmates in the dark during drills, shoulders tensing every time an announcement came over the intercom: will this be the day? Too […]

“Deep in the Shadows” by Anne Bennett: A Beguiling Mystery

It’s drama, it’s smoke and mirrors, it’s wandering down a dark hallway in your nightgown, “Deep in The Shadows” pulls back the curtains into the eldritch world of Anne Bennett. Heavy piano chords open into a progression of twinkling keys and echoing drums, synths swell in minor keys like a ghostly choir. Bennett pulls together […]

“Broken & United” by Millefolium: Warm, Welcoming Indie Folk

When I first heard the name “Millefolium” I knew it sounded familiar. A quick google search told me it was another name for Yarrow, which, if you’re familiar with the work of Cicely Mary Barker, was the plant assigned to my favorite flower fairy as a child. In the late summer my mother would bring […]

“Turn Me Down” by Nisa: Self-Doubt You Can Dance To

New York based artist Nisa lets loose with “Turn Me Down,” the fourth track off her debut EP Guilt Trip. In response to a culmination of personal and global shifts, Guilt Trip meets us with an electric energy and proves a powerful introduction to Nisa’s artistry.  “Turn Me Down” is an infectiously danceable song. With […]

“The Lion of Lonesome Valley” by M.E. Netzke: A Mysterious Love Song

The mysterious M.E Netzke draws us into his dusky world with his newest single “The Lion of Lonesome Valley”. The indie artist pulls his inspiration from the outcast and melancholic, describing himself as “the back half of an album.”  As the song title suggests, Netzke steeps us in his loneliness. Amidst washes of sound and […]

“Beauty in Our Eyes” Is a Real-Life Love Story

Singer-songwriter Brother James, also known as Justin James Sinclair, hones in on the simple grace of life, love and friendship with his stirring waltz, “Beauty in Our Eyes.” Brother James was asked to write this song for his friend’s wedding – a song to walk down the aisle to and have their first dance to. […]

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