You know it’s going to be a good song if there’s a drum intro, and “S P A C E” does not disappoint.

Sophie Coran, who recently released her debut album, reels us in with her single “S P A C E,” a dizzying tribute to the uncertainty of love.

Strings swell and flutter, moving from languid and romantic to panicky as Sophie sings about a breaking heart. The momentum of the song pulls you in and spins you around a few times. Similar to the ebb and flow of navigating romance, “S P A C E” breathes and moves in both familiar and disorienting ways.

Her snare-heavy Beirut-esque drum sound falls in and out, while Sophie’s voice takes us through her own process of dealing with pain and love. Vocal harmonies and layered strings combine with the whirling percussion to create a story.

Airplane mode to mute it all, better to have not been called
Pass the time with so much faith, now all I need is space
Hard to always stop then start, live my life, then fall apart
Fire burns my broken wings, and flames continue stinging

The tone of the song is not sad or tempestuous like some of the lyrics might have you think; rather, it’s upbeat, and, though dizzying, at times quite calm. What I love about this song is the ways in which it is uplifting amidst its sadness.

I know, I know, you’ll go, you’ll go, things change, it’s painful
Time floats, although, it’s slow, we grow, the same old

Sophie sings about her pain in a very candid, relatable way. She details the ways in which she is ambivalent, hurting, but ultimately in acceptance of a relationship that just won’t work. “S P A C E” says, “this isn’t good for me anymore, and so I’m out.”

It’s a heartbreaking realization, but a self empowering one.

Though it won’t feel positive in the moment, in the end it had to be over.

Blow me away to another place
May be hard to explain, I don’t want to stay
Blow me away

“S P A C E” is spinning in all the right directions, poetically written and a danceable groove. I am looking forward to see what Sophie Coran creates next.