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Be Inspired by Nature with Leah Capelle’s “Walking with Giants”

by Vivian O'Grady

It gives me goosebumps when an act of nature, like a wildfire, can inspire me. Leah Capelle utilizes her imaginative spontaneity to create a poetic metaphor for life in her new song, “Walking with Giants.”

Do you remember the song in Disney’s Pocahontas, “Colors of the Wind?” “Walking with Giants” is like a bluesy rock version of that song. We all love the idea of being one with nature, but Capelle truly captures the spirit of this nature awareness within her lyrics.

One thing I love about this song is the contrast between the powerful vibe of the melody and the rawness in her lyrics. Capelle invites us into her life, recalling a day spent in nature. The flow of her lyrics allows her to develop an intimate closeness with the listener; the lovely little rhymes subtly take her song from a mere conversation about nature, to an astute piece of poetry.

It’s like a love song to the earth. The trees, the “giants,” lead her on a path to the simple silence of nature.

I’m intrigued by the focus of giant trees in her story. Capelle states on her website, “These trees have stood their ground for centuries. They constantly evolve, the continue to adapt. They need wildfire to grow; what is a destructive force to most is a nurturing process for them – a notion I try to hold on to as I continue on a path in my own life that feels very much like a rebirth.” This concept is an amazing realization to come to, and an inspiring metaphor for one’s life. When you’re feeling down about situations in your life, it’s important to come across songs like Capelle’s “Walking with Giants,” because such lyrics remind you of this notion of rebirth.

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the forest needs the destructive forces of a wildfire to thrive. Capelle draws upon the forces of nature to propel the story forward in her lyrics.

I’m walking with giants
The wind is my guidance.

While the prevailing melody of “Walking with Giants” commands your attention when listening, it’s Capelle’s sweet bluesy voice that gives this song an endearing factor. The image of a soulful, down to earth female singer pouring her heart out to the tranquility of nature is reminiscent of Disney’s Pocahontas movie, so listening to this song gave me a bit of a nostalgic trip, while still being a brand-new listening experience. It’s obvious Capelle is immensely talented on both a technical and creative level, but there’s a certain immeasurable rawness to her style that makes her quite unique.

Wild flowers grow
Where the flames took hold.

These are my favorite lines of this song; the vivid image of wildflowers taking root in a disarrayed mess of utter destruction- ash from a wildfire- is utterly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Such an image gives me strength and motivates me to keep pushing forward with my own life. “Walking with Giants” is the type of song that can really bring light into your life, because it’s not abrasive in the least, yet still leaves you with a powerful message when you read into the metaphor Capelle is providing:

The forest thrives through the innate destructive nature of wildfires, just as we grow stronger with strife.

The imaginative vibe of Leah Capelle’s “Walking with Giants” infuses with rich emotion to cultivate a beautiful song about the wonderment of nature, and the power we have in each of us to keep on going. This is a song that can encourage you when you’re feeling lazy, lift you up when you’re down, or make you smile when you’re already in that good place. Whatever you’re feeling when you first give Capelle’s song a listen, I promise you’ll feel a little bit powerful as you picture yourself walking amongst the giants.

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