“Before Winter” by Ryan Revta: Cold and Warmth, All in One


“Before Winter” is cozy and delicately intricate. There is a richness in the song’s texture – if you pay attention, you’ll notice new harmonies and details upon every listen. 

I like the variety in the instrumentation, as the song opens with rhythmic guitar that continues steadily while strings and piano fade in and out. The layered vocals and humming remind me of a hymn in a sense, and the strings provide a touch of romance. The inclusion of a piano solo in a primarily guitar driven track took me by surprise at first, but I love how it transforms “Before Winter” into an alternative folk ballad. 

Cold before our time in cold

The warm smiles one more time

Before winter

Cold ice pervading our time and more

Last sunshine of summer its leaving

On one level, this song reminisces on the bittersweet end of summer, before its warmth is eclipsed by longer nights. It’s like the antithesis to Here Comes The Sun. I also think it’s symbolic of endings in general, as the song captures the feeling of lingering in the afterglow before ultimately deciding to let go. I love how he highlights the liveliness of summertime by describing how the warmth smiles, since winter lacks this vibrancy in contrast. 

The passage of time and seasons is something I think about often, because elements beyond our control can shape the way we move about through life. For me, subtle nuances in my surroundings can influence whether I seek comfort or adventure. Perhaps Revta is singing about the passing of seasons within his own life, since losses or discoveries can mark shifts in our own internal microcosms. Regardless of the external world, sometimes life feels frozen in the sense that projects and relationships become stagnant, while other periods are more colorfully fluid and conducive to growth.   

Now with you

Can smiles come again

Before winter

Can love find another winding shore

There’s a comforting feeling to this song, as its nostalgic atmosphere contains a hint of optimism that summer will return. I think this line hints at a second layer of meaning, as love becomes the subject of Revta’s attention. He compares love to a shoreline, which creates a kind of parallel between summertime and the journey of falling in love. Perhaps the seasons of life are ultimately defined by our perceptions surrounding love, and whether we’re developing, deepening, or releasing a connection. 

This song embodies the warmth that Revta describes, as his folky tone, winding melody lines, and soulful harmonies combine to create an intimate atmosphere. It’s funny how warmth holds a different significance and sense of comfort during the winter months, and I’m certain I will find solace in this track when the cold reemerges. 


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