Here’s our quick list of the best music blogs in 2023:

  1. Pitchfork
  2. Rolling Stone
  3. Consequence
  4. All Music
  5. Pigeons & Planes
  6. NME
  7. Kerrang!
  8. Indie Shuffle
  9. Loudwire
  10. Aquarium Drunkard
  11. Resident Advisor
  12. Mixmag
  14. Your EDM
  15. Dancing Astronaut
  16. A Closer Listen
  17. UnitedMasters
  18. Rap-Up
  19. Run the Trap
  20. This Song Is Sick
  21. Rap Radar
  22. Metal Injection
  24. Louder
  25. Metal Storm

In an industry governed by AIs, why should I spend time reading articles and reviews on a music blog? When Spotify creates a daily playlist carefully curated by its all-knowing algorithm, why look for the latest releases on a webzine run by humans?

The answer is simple: when it comes to art, the human touch has something AI can’t quite grasp.


Even though today’s technology is affecting our taste more than ever, genuine reviews and dedication are still the best tools to uncover hidden music gems. In addition, people who love music and want to share their passion with others have always been an invaluable source when it comes to discovering new bands and albums. This is why today I’ll make a list of what I think are the best music blogs in 2023.

To make it easier, I separated the 25 music blogs covered below according to the music genre they focus on. So, whether you’re a fan of a particular genre or just interested in finding out more about it, these music blogs will help you discover new music with passionate and professional reviews.

In this list, I tried to include both mainstream websites and less-known blogs to offer a more comprehensive overview of where you can find the best music articles online these days. Let’s dive in!

The Best Music Blogs in 2023: General Music

Let’s start with some of the more general (and bigger-name) publications. Here’s my quick take on the best general music blogs:


Pitchfork has been active for almost three decades and is now one of the most prominent music magazines in the world. It can be your perfect source of inspiration when looking for music of any genre, thanks to a wide range of reviews, interviews, and exclusive mixes. However, Pitchfork does more than just publish engaging articles: it hosts online events regularly and festivals in Chicago, Paris and Berlin.

Rolling Stone

Here’s another legendary music website and magazine (first published in 1967) that covers everything related to music and popular culture. Despite the name, Rolling Stone today focuses on all sorts of genres, providing readers with an overview of all that’s happening in the music industry. Aside from music, Rolling Stone has also experts writing about politics and TV.


Consequence (formerly Consequence of Sound) features daily reviews on music releases, live music, TV shows and podcasts. It offers an incredible variety of topics, which makes it an invaluable source if you’re looking for interesting articles on a variety of topics. COS also hosts eight different podcasts, including one exclusively about BTS, in case you’re a fan.

All Music

A great music website that focuses on new music but doesn’t neglect old classics. Here you’ll find in-depth reviews and interviews covering pop, electronic, classical, rock music and everything in between. Each month All Music features an Editors’ Choice with all the best releases of the month. Here you can also find an informative section about classical music, something you rarely see in “generic” music blogs.

Pigeons & Planes

Perhaps less known than the other music blogs covered here, Pigeons & Planes is now owned by Complex and is part of a vast pop culture website. Despite that, the P&P section offers some of the best in-depth articles about music, as well as reviews and exclusive interviews. The “indie feel” Pigeons & Planes had before been incorporated is still there, but in addition, it offers a more friendly interface and more variety in terms of music genres explored.


One of the oldest music magazines still active, today New Musical Express features daily music reviews, radio shows, music awards and news on pop culture. Active since 1952, NME features excellent reviews and exclusive audio samples of upcoming albums you won’t find anywhere else. 


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Indie / Rock

Here are a few of the best indie / rock blogs:


Mainly focusing on rock, punk, and heavy metal, Kerrang is an example of a music website that’s stayed true to itself for decades, offering fantastic reviews of both new and established artists, with a commitment and passion that’s impossible to ignore. As a result, Kerrang’s reviews are considered among the most relevant in the scene. If you read album reviews on Wikipedia, you’ll always find this music blog among the reviews mentioned.

Indie Shuffle

This South African webzine focuses on the latest releases of artists working in the fields of indie rock, songwriting, folk, and indie electronic. This music blog is the best choice if you want to discover new artists before they become superstars. One thing I love about Indie Shuffle is that you can just play all their latest recommendations directly from the site’s homepage without having to open new links constantly.


Perhaps gravitating more towards the heavier side of rock music, Loudwire is a fantastic news source for anyone interested in the latest information about new and established rock bands. An exciting aspect about Loudwire is their “Gear Section”, where you can watch musicians play and review their favorite equipment.

Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard has been one of the leading voices in indie music since 2005. This online music magazine offers in-depth interviews and articles, as well as a podcast called Transmissions, where they interview artists about their creativity and musical approach.

Electronic / Dance / EDM / Ambient

And a few of our top EDM music blogs:

Resident Advisor

A reference point for DJs and electronic music fans, Resident Advisor is a global music community that’s become an echo chamber for many artists showcasing their sounds on the platform. RA offers daily reviews and interviews and a list of all upcoming events based on your location. If you’re into electronic music of any kind, then you should explore RA thoroughly.


The iconic music website Mixmag can’t be missing in the life of clubgoers as it provides multiple articles every day about electronic music and clubbing. Apart from news on events and releases, here you’ll find exclusive DJ sets made by the most popular DJs worldwide, tickets to special events, and information on music tech.

Electronic music fans will love EDM because of the article’s variety, ranging from album reviews to technology and interviews with artists. also features a gear+tech section which is ideal for those looking to start a career in the electronic music world. However, what I love the most about is their “Opinion” column, with great in-depth articles about creativity and music technology.

Your EDM

There are many good things about Your EDM. You can download plenty of music for free on their “free download” page; they have a Discord channel where you can discuss your favorite albums and promote your music; finally, they publish before anyone else news about trance and bass music, with engaging articles and genuine reviews.

Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut has been promoting electronic dance music and culture for over a decade, with great articles and interviews with the most famous producers globally. One thing that makes Dancing Astronaut stand out is its Photo section, with pictures from the biggest dance festivals and concert arenas across the world.

A Closer Listen

A personal favorite of mine, A Closer Listen offers the latest news on experimental music, ranging from ambient to post-rock. Reviews are knowledgeable and passionate, and I discovered dozens of new artists and albums thanks to their articles. In addition, their Year-End Charts are the perfect way to explore new genres.

Hip-Hop / Rap / Trap / R&B

Here are some of the best hip-hop / rap music blogs:


UnitedMasters is more than a music blog. It offers plenty of opportunities for rappers and beat producers to reach a new audience and improve their skills by partnering with brands looking for new sounds. Furthermore, through articles and collaborations outside the music industry, UnitedMasters offers producers the knowledge and opportunities necessary to kickstart their careers.


Rap-Up is an excellent source of information on the rap/hip-hop world, with exclusive video interviews and in-depth articles. Rap-Up focuses mainly on the latest news on hip-hop, rap, R’n’B music and culture, so if that’s your thing, you should definitely check it regularly as they publish multiple articles daily.

Run the Trap

Though trap music is the most-covered music genre in Run the Trap, this music website explores various genres from hip-hop to dubstep to EDM. RTT is a great blog for anyone who wants to find the latest news about electronic music, without the usual genre constraints you find in other music blogs.

This Song is Sick

TSIS focuses on new music released by indie artists. They recently added a submission process for artists to send music directly for consideration. Active since 2010, This Song is Sick is today one of the most popular voices in indie, hip-hop and electronic music, with millions of followers worldwide. Updated daily, TSIS should be on your top list of music blogs if you want to listen to the upcoming superstars.

Rap Radar

If you’re into rap and hip-hop, then you must check out Rap Radar regularly. You’ll notice right away this music blog is run by genuine fans who publish regular content multiple times a day. You can also listen to exclusive interviews with established artists on their YouTube channel.


Here are some of the best metal music blogs:

Metal Injection

Metal injection covers everything metal with album and live reviews, podcasts, giveaway contests and hundreds of videos. The website also provides a great search engine that allows looking for your favorite metal bands and the news related to them.

Blabbermouth offers precisely what you would expect from one of the longest-running metal music websites: honest reviews and news from reliable sources published before anyone else: everything exclusively about heavy metal. Blabbermouth also offers awesome merchandise and an intuitive submission process if you want to publish an article on their website.

Louder | Together we’re Louder

Conveniently, Louder is divided into different sections that allow you to explore whichever genre you’re most interested in. Ranging from classic rock to prog metal, Louder offers reviews, interviews and general news on rock music and culture. Their “best of” articles are a fantastic way to dig into a particular genre or topic.

Metal Storm

This Estonian webzine is one of the most respected metal websites worldwide, and rightly so; it’s run by people who love the genre and do their best to provide an authentic point of view. Metal Storm is also an online community with a very active forum of metal fans who can actively contribute to the website’s database.

Final thoughts on music blogs

As you can see, each website has its own voice, and by exploring them, you’ll be able to discover new artists, facts, and build your knowledge of music more effectively than if you were simply skipping through the recommendations of your favorite music streaming service.

What these music blogs offer you is the possibility to understand what’s behind the songs: they provide insights into the culture and techniques that define a particular genre, allowing you to reach a deeper understanding of the music you’re passionate about.

Music blogs are also great if you’re starting to explore a new genre you know little about. Many music websites provide an introduction to and history of the genres they cover, allowing newbies to get all the necessary information to enjoy the discussions and reviews in the music blog.

The more you know about music, the more you’ll feel the need to understand more about how it’s made. Great blogs like Loudwire and give you the chance to study the musical instrument and technology required to create the music you love, thanks to detailed articles and reviews by renowned artists. Once you know enough, why don’t you just give it a go yourself?

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you did, then you should start digging into the enormous archives these music blogs have! Most of these music websites have been around for years, if not decades, so I’m sure they’ll be able to satisfy your music needs for months to come.

Please let me know if you think I forgot some crucial websites, and I’ll check them out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the plethora of new music and articles you’ll find in my favorite 25 music blogs and websites.