Carey Latham Takes Control with the Masterful “Tunnel”


Over the past several years, Nashville songwriters have been a little under-represented on Two Story Melody. But here’s a mega-talented writer to keep your eye on: Carey Latham.

While many pop songwriters hem and haw about “female empowerment,” Latham takes the bull by the horns on her latest release “Tunnel.” Not since the ’90s heyday of Shania Twain has there been a song (and video) with this much fire and fever.

“My husband’s band Farcry used to performed on lower Broadway in Nashville,” says Latham. “I started out writing songs with them in mind, but in 2020 I decided to refocus my energies and to delve deeper into songwriting – my truest passion of all!”

Latham has been hailed as “One To Watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association International and other songwriter groups. Carey doesn’t wait around for anyone’s permission to take the next bold step. She’s successful in business, writes great songs and even creates her own striking videos for those songs. With the release of “Tunnel”, Latham is ready to light it up in Nashville.

What’s the backstory on “Tunnel”? What prompted you to write the song?

My two sisters and I have a texting thread where we send each other motivational and funny memes. Recently one sister posted a meme that said she was tired of looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and she was gonna light it up herself. I instantly said “there’s a song in that” and I wrote it immediately, like right there, that day. All three of us sisters are super go-getters and strong-minded, so it spoke to us all!

Who were your favorite artists and songwriters growing up?

I was an old soul when it came to music. I knew every Lacy J Dalton song, listened to Frank Sinatra, and was a huge fan of a Christian group called The Pat Terry Band. Two songs that impacted me as a songwriter were “If The Devil Danced in Empty Pockets” (Joe Diffie) written by Ken Spooner and Kim Williams, and “The Song Remembers When” (Trisha Yearwood) written by Hugh Prestwood.

Who produced the fabulous video for “Tunnel”?

I DID! I am as obsessed with creating videos as I am writing the songs. I used to co-host a talk show “The SOAR Show” and to make it happen I had to figure out how to edit the shows before publishing them. So I bought video-editing software called MOVAVI and voila! I was hooked on that, too. This was a fun one to unfold!

If you could pick one female country artist to record “Tunnel”, who would that be? And which pop singer would you choose? (Shania, Taylor, etc.)

Great question! It probably should go to an up and coming artist still trying to “light that bitch up” haha. But for country I can see Elle King, Ashley McBryde or Miranda Lambert. And then for pop, Miley Cyrus all day!


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