Carey Latham is a songwriter who splits time between Nashville and the Gulf Coast. Her song “I Don’t Drink Like I Used To” is an emotional grabber that reminds me of Morgan Wallen’s best work.

The song is about a person who “doubles down” on drinking after a series of personal tragedies. And the accompanying video (self-produced by Carey) amplifies the story. After watching countless mopey “bedroom pop” videos, this one is quite refreshing (albeit sad).

In Nashville, if you don’t personally know Luke Combs or Jelly Roll, it’s hard to get a song recorded. But Carey Latham is moving closer to that inner circle with this song.

How autobiographical is “I Don’t Drink Like I Used To”? Did you take some “poetic license” with the lyrics?

It’s a true story, for sure. It’s written for a male vocal, but after losing my brother in a plane crash and then my mom to cancer, then my dad to dementia – and with all the ins and outs and the aftermath that come with loss within a family – yeah, a stiff drink became a good idea on many, many days. Not to the point of no return, by any means, but definitely a more-often-than-not choice for a good long while. I did change the names in my song, as my brother was Stephen, an amazing person and a hero to me. 

Was this song a solo write because it was so highly personal?

Yes, it was one of those where you wake up at 4 am and write without stopping. Done and dusted in about 30 minutes. Sometimes as a writer you want only “your noise” in the room.  

I love the videos you create for your songs! Most indie pop videos show people moping in their bedrooms and complaining about breakups, but yours really tell a story. Did you shoot original footage for “I Don’t Drink” or skillfully use stock footage?

Oh cool, so glad you like this video! I “skillfully” (to use your word …thank you) used stock footage – and trust me, I get as obsessed with the video story as I do with the writing of the song. This one was all about capturing the emotion of this guy’s loss – showing how much he misses his brother, as I do. 

Do you share your videos on TikTok? This one seems like it could easily go viral.

No, I’m not a TikTok user. I have an account, but I get busy writing and I forget to post. We writers are often unsure about whether to post or save a song for an artist pitch. Knowing which way to go with exposure is always up in the air. Maybe I should give it a shot! (Pun intended!) Haha.

Now that Beyonce is releasing country songs, do you think that “female empowerment” in country music will finally become a reality, not just a buzzword?

Please tell me country females weren’t waiting on or needing Beyonce. I love her for who she is, and she can go country all day if she chooses. I love her song “Texas Hold ’Em.” It’s super hooky and fun, but Lainey Wilson, Ashley McBryde, Anne Wilson, Priscilla Block, wow these are power chicks already IMO! And I’ll add: I don’t think being half-naked in a video is what empowers women. Country girls are sexier than that.