Isabel Bailey on her “Favorite Color in the Summer”

It was almost still summer when I saw the Isabel Bailey Band for the first time, performing at WTJU’s Offbeat Roadhouse. I was standing behind a camera to the side of the stage, but I was also swimming in the moonlight Piney River, then splashing through gutter puddles in bright rainboots. What I mean is […]

Aarktica on the “Delicate Waltz” and Deep Healing

Jon DeRosa releases his ambient atmospheric songs under the name of Aarktica. While in college, DeRosa mysteriously went deaf in one ear, which forced him to recalibrate his entire sonic world. A lot of pop songs can heal heartbreak, but Aarktica goes deeper than that. He’s a pioneer in the field of shamanic healing. He’s […]

Maryanna Devlin on “Gary Indiana” And Author-inspired Artistry

Listening to Maryanna Devlin’s haunting “Gary Indiana” makes me wistful for the days when Townes Van Zandt, Rosanne Cash and Emmylou Harris were having their greatest success. You can’t copyright a title – and this “Gary Indiana” bears no resemblance to the cute little song that a young Ron Howard sang in the movie The […]

Blooming and Growing; An Interview With Kyla Tilley

When Kyla Tilley was writing and developing the song “Bloom and Grow”, she was living in Montreal, during the pandemic. Not long afterward, she and her husband were living in Newfoundland. The timing of the move wasn’t accidental coincidence. Here’s her account of those days… “Our neighbour started out being passive aggressive about the music. I […]

merci, mercy Makes It Look “Too Easy” On Sophomore EP

Australian artist merci, mercy has written a lot of songs about battling depression and addiction, but her second EP is nonetheless triumphant. “Too Easy” and “Black Cloud” sound like radio hits to me. And this is one artist who doesn’t need seven co-writers and producers for every track. A lot of her best songs are […]

Ryn Nicole on “Anxiety,” Berner Hooks, and Havana

Ryn Nicole is one of those immensely talented artists who would have fit right in with Hemingway in the Twenties, Duke Ellington in the Forties, or Cuban salsa legend Celia Cruz in the Fifties. Ryn gives new meaning to the word “eclectic.” She grew up listening to country artists like Rascal Flatts and Shania Twain, […]

Laura Musgrave on “One Family” and Confessional Lyrics

When I first heard Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U”, I had to pull the car to the side of the road. The song was so joyous and confessional that it required my full attention. And that’s the type of music that British singer-songwriter Laura Musgrave makes. Her 2019 single “How To Let Go” is a haunting […]

Kleo on Love, Meditation, and a “Beautiful Life”

Danish artist Kleo is one of the most intriguing personalities in the pop world. She grew up listening to brilliant-yet-troubled singers like Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain, but her life today is much sunnier than that. Kleo’s positive worldview is shaped by her love of Transcendental Meditation and Vedic astrology. And those uplifting vibes are […]

Jessica Winter on “Choreograph” and Dancing in a Downpour

Some well-known reviewers are hailing Jessica Winter’s “Choreograph” as the best song and video of the year. I’d certainly put it in my Top 5 for 2022. The song is based on a universal truth: real love can’t be choreographed. And the video for the song is perhaps the best rain-soaked, umbrella-twirling performance since Gene […]

Jade Jackson on “As You Run” and the Roots Rock Renaissance

If you’re wondering where to find the next Rosanne Cash, look no further than roots-rock artist Jade Jackson. In the late 1980s, Rosanne Cash and Bonnie Raitt had a string of radio hits, then their type of music unfortunately fell out of vogue. Now it’s making a comeback thanks to artists like Jackson and Aubrie […]

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