In country music, all you have to do is say “Carrie” and “Miranda” – and fans worldwide know exactly what surnames are attached to the first names. I predict that I’ll soon be able to say “Lexi” and listeners will instantly know it’s “Mackenzie.”

This year, Lexi has released some amazing singles, including “Faded” – a song that elevates beautifully in the chorus (both musically and emotionally). Now she has a new single called “My Hometown And Jesus” that’s equally touching and unforgettable.

Like many rising stars in Nashville, Lexi has persevered through a host of hardships, and it looks like 2023 could be her breakout year.

When you were growing up, who were your favorite artists?

Growing up my favorite artists were Carrie Underwood, The Chicks, Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Miranda Lambert. It was a wide array of country and pop artists, which is maybe why my sound falls somewhere in the middle of those two genres. 

What’s the backstory on “My Hometown And Jesus”?

I first heard that song when I was just getting started in country music. I told my friends “I’m going to record that song one day!” And here we are almost 10 years later, with a song that changed the trajectory of my life, and it’s my new single. What a crazy full-circle God moment. 

I had some severe spinal cord injuries a couple of years ago. I spent time at home wondering why all this was “happening to me,” and I noticed that two things remained constant: my faith and my love of country music. My mentor LeAnn Phelan helped me put all the puzzle pieces together, and I knew in my heart this song needed to be out there for someone else to hear. 

I could easily hear Carrie Underwood recording “My Hometown And Jesus”. What other artists would you like to hear cover the song?

I could definitely hear Carrie singing this! Hilary Scott from Lady A would absolutely crush this song. Gabby Barrett would also sound amazing on it. Gabby and I are both from Pittsburgh, PA! 

How has your music changed since your great 2018 song “Out Of Control” was released?

I actually wrote the new singles I’m releasing around the same time as “Out Of Control”. They just never saw the light of day until now! The stuff I’m writing now is a lot more faith-based because of the transformation that occurred in my spiritual life starting in 2020. When you give it over to God, that’s when the trust kicks in and everything just seems easier. I think I just needed to get out of my own way! I am excited to see how my music affects people and helps them through all the difficult, happy and confusing times that we all experience in this life.