10 Best AI Lyric Generators

TL;DR – Here’s our list of the top 10 AI lyric generators. (They’re okay.) For the details, keep reading. For many, writing songs is a way to share thoughts and feelings and tell stories. When we’re on a creative flow, songwriting is a fantastic feeling that empowers us and helps us connect with others. However, when […]

What to Do on Spotify for Artists Before Your First Release

Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re on stage in front of a large audience ready to perform and have completely forgotten your music? That might describe the feeling I had when I “woke up” and saw the almighty Spotify in the audience rolling its eyes in disbelief. Oh yes, I had been found […]

Playlisting: The Complete Guide to Get on Playlists in 2023

I’ll start with this: Despite what you may hear from different corners of the internet, playlisting can potentially be hugely helpful for getting your music in front of more people. The right playlist placement can literally rocket your career to the next level. That benefit (getting a bunch of people to listen to and like […]

How to Get Your Music on Spotify

Good news: In 2023, it’s pretty easy to get music onto Spotify. Here’s what you have to do to make it happen: That’s pretty much it. But in case you’re not convinced (or are still slightly confused), I’ll spend the rest of this article covering those steps in more depth, with the end goal being […]

What to expect from Spotify playlist promotion

That’s right, we’re jumping right into some (mild) controversy – but hopefully it’s enlightening and actionable for you. This topic has been on my mind because I’m in the midst of trying 15 different playlist promo companies. Overall, I would say it’s been a slightly disappointing experience. Don’t get me wrong; it hasn’t been bad. […]

How to Get on Spotify Playlists

Whether you like it or not, you can’t ignore the importance of Spotify playlists in today’s music industry. Getting the right song in the right playlist can skyrocket an artist’s career in a matter of days, regardless of whether they’re signed or not, their experience in the business or their music background. In a way, […]

LANDR Review: Should You Use It to Master Your Music?

Mastering is the last step of music production and determines how your music will sound on all devices and streaming platforms, so it’s not an understatement when I say it’s one of the most crucial aspects of an artist’s career. While I always recommend musicians get an audio engineer to do the mastering to have […]

What Is Spotify Discovery Mode?

There are two ways to look at Spotify Discovery Mode: As it often happens, the truth is in the middle. So what I’m going to do today is explain what Discovery Mode is (including how you can use it to promote your songs) and highlight the pros and cons of this new marketing tool that’s […]

Is the Music Industry a Scam?

I probably shouldn’t write this. The topic’s not all that actionable, for one thing, and for another, my viewpoint is probably unpopular. Writing it down puts me at high risk of coming off as “preachy.” And because of my position, if you’re a cynical person, you might even suspect that I’m being self-servingly disingenuous. But […]

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