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“Chills” by AEO – A True Taste of Alternative R&B

by CJ Taormina

The toms in this track deserve recognition before I get into the review. Stunning! “Chills” by Aeo is a very aesthetic, warm yet subtle song wrapped in a memory. There is a lot going into this track instrumental wise–I hear toms, claps, synth, hats and the works. It’s layered. I think the single art is very relevant for how the song feels–looking up in that pastel blue just makes sense. The drums echo and the voice hums. The song tells the story about the narrator realizing that he’s far too good for someone, and while he may not be exactly hoping the other person does poorly in life, he wouldn’t be upset if he saw it. He hopes this track gives them chills. The second verse keeps the same theme. It’s a common narrative, for sure, but you know–it’s relatable. I don’t mind cliches if they’re relatable.

I touched on the beat a little early but it’s somewhat remarkable. Like I said, it’s layered. And I love layers in a song, which makes sense, as Aeo describes himself on Spotify as someone who combines pop, soul and RnB. More genres, more layers. I think most, if not all, music can benefit from having as many layers as possible before the sound gets convoluted. But this track is surely not convoluted. It’s very soft on the ears and soft on the mind. I can see myself playing this while doing laundry or running. I don’t think that detracts from the song. Not everything has to be observed with scrutiny and deep thought. I can get down with “Chills”.

To be honest, it really does remind me of something you’d hear on the radio (which is seldom said in indie culture). I don’t think that’s an insult to the artist’s creative vision. Some people like to remain underground, which is okay. I just think this song, “Chills”, has enough groove and subtly in it to break out. Just my opinion. Don’t take me as Nostradamus. It’s funny, it doesn’t feel like a song about relationships. I don’t know how to put it into words exactly. It feels just…a song about enjoying the little things in life. I can’t put my finger on why, exactly.

Check on Aeo on Spotify–if not for the electrifying layers of his music, then for the art on his EPs and singles. They’re seriously beautiful.

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