“Cinnamon Bun”, by Kinzoogianna is a soulful nu-jazz track that anoints listeners weary ears with a bursting and sincere optimism. Embodying what can only be described as sonic sunshine, the four-minute track boasts honey-smooth vocals that waltz around flutters of harp, funky piano and hypnotic synths.  My own synesthesia flooded the color yellow into my mind upon first listen, a surefire sign of a tune akin to a happy pill.

The track’s unwavering, even radical joy boasts an outlook that is increasingly hard to find in the current musical landscape, bountiful of existentialism and melancholia. “Cinnamon Bun” opens with actual birds sounds, sonically reproducing the feeling of walking down your street on a crisp spring day. One imagines skipping over cracks in the pavement, feeling the sun on their cheeks and of course, smelling each flower on their way.

Good morning / I hear the birds telling me today’s a lucky day 

The flowers arrange themselves / to sing in harmony

The vocals are reminiscent of Kimbra in her Vows album era, bold and effortless, making the task of jazz-inflected performance seem easy. Minor arpeggio chords are intonated with impressive control, supported by delicate, blues-y background harmonies. Paired with the lyrical vignette of flowers singing, the listener is lulled into a pleasant stupor.

Walking slowly / life is a cinnamon bun today

Kinzoogianna reminds us to slow life down and appreciate the little delights of day-to-day existence. Exercising being present is a concept that crosses multiple religions and theories of psychology, and has been proven to lead to more fulfilled, gracious living.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, global political tension of late and of course, pandemic woes – it can be helpful to count your blessings and quite literally, smell the roses. Mimicking the track’s message of slowing life down, “Cinnamon Bun” seems to sonically ooze, meandering piano following the cruisy vocal melody. Snares, harmonies and keys collide off one another like children racing up stairs, staccato building tension before releasing. The chorus then eases into legato, producing an addicting atmosphere that melts like honey. 

The sunlight plays in your hair / a sudden flair

Let your eyes come alive to the sunrise 

Kinzoogianna paint a cheeky picture, personifying the sun who flirtatiously sparkles on your hair as you walk by. Afterwards, the listener is urged to let the joy in – pointing out that often, it is our own personal barricades that disallow us from experiencing true happiness.  

The end of the song continues its endeavors of soul-soothing. It’s hypnotic, even slightly sedative, teetering out softly like the slow closing of the afternoon.  The final burst of synth imitates a jazzy trumpet, sandwiched by angelic “oohs” that leave you feeling giddy and warm. The track provides an exciting tone for future projects by Kinzoogianna, who we can only hope continue on a similar ideology towards joyful existence.