The title alone sets the scene of a peaceful, quiet place to exist. Standing as the more mellow counterpart to his other new single, “Forest House” is a song about Sir Jay escaping the chaos of life with the person he loves. Coming in with a soft and subtle folk guitar, it feels warm and happy. I get the feeling that there’s been a lot going on in his life and he hasn’t had the time to slow down and take a breath. Life can feel like it’s suffocating you when you’re constantly on the move and surrounded by people all the time.

“We finally broke free
We’re finally standing still
There’s air that we can fill”

Things are starting to settle and it seems like they’re getting back to the way it was when they met. Things feel just as good as they did when they first met, and there is no happier feeling than the “honeymoon phase” of love. Finally having a moment alone together, he can breathe again. You can hear the pure bliss in his voice.“I found you in your element

“Just talking softly
I found you in a place like this
Let’s take it all in”

Loyal and content, he stands with his partner through everything, even the rough times. When he feels down, he is able to push through because of them. Their love is his rock, he knows it’s the one thing that’ll always be stable.

“I’m with you
Where the rivers are roaring
I feel like I’m falling
Let’s keep going”

Mid-song, an electric guitar comes in with a solo. It follows him expressing how love makes him feel like his blood is rushing. It adds to the element of pure excitement and joy. The guitar slowly blends into the background with the acoustic guitar, intertwining the feelings of both complete peace and electrifying energy that he has when he sings about love. Everything about this song is so pure and genuine. Love like this can seem rare, but the song gives me hope that there is lots of it left in the world. Repeating the same line through the end of the song, you can feel that this truly is unconditional love. He’s found his happiness and he is fully content in spending the rest of his time with the one he loves.

“You are my joy”