“Fair is Foul is Fair” by Andrea Mazzariello: Thoughtful Political Songwriting


“Fair is Foul is Fair”, the latest single from composer, artist, and teacher Andrea Mazzariello’s upcoming album War Footing, is an experimental electroacoustic masterpiece. The album, set to release September 16th, not only features Mazzariello’s baritone voice, but his impeccable composing ability, as well. He started the songs by himself, but soon realized that collaboration was key. So, with the help of some colleagues, War Footing came to fruition. “Fair is Foul is Fair” isn’t the first we get to hear of the album though, as “Aspirational Gardening” was released just a few weeks prior. Both tracks have that ambient feel, and hopefully the rest of the album has a similar approach.

I hear about the changing of the guard it won’t come soon enough

Mazzariello’s musical prowess and impressive knowledge of literature shines in “Fair is Foul is Fair”. If you remember anything from high school English class, then you most likely remember Macbeth, Shakespeare’s tragedy about letting political power go to one’s head. “Fair is foul is fair”, one of the most famous quotes from the play, is shouted by the witches at the beginning, acting as a warning that everything is not as it seems. Mazzariello noticed an eerie similarity between the themes of the play and modern day society. 

Count your breaths

Really be there

Retrace your steps

Fair is foul, foul is fair

The timeline of when Mazzariello wrote this song explains his Macbeth allegory. He started this album in the height of the 2020 election, amidst a pandemic as well. With this information, take a wild guess of who he’s talking about. 

They say it’s only sound and fury fuhrer’s fuse is fuming out

A dying animal last slash enclosure keeping us apart

Clearly, Mazzariello is referring to Donald Trump. But, the song isn’t necessarily about politics at all. Instead, it’s more about the way these events have placed themselves in the front of everyone’s mind. It ruined relationships, changed the way we talk to certain friends and family, and caused irreversible distrust in America. Political parties and opinions aside, everyone can admit that the dumpster fire of the year 2020 took a serious toll on our minds. Mazzariello uses this symbolism in order to get his point across, and it’s hard to argue with. Shakespeare originally wrote this play in order to show his true feelings about the infamous King James, so it just makes sense to place the same lens on the 2020 election. 

I hear that fair is foul and foul is fair we’re upside down this year

They say to keep the faith and spread the faith I’m trying half the time

The song is not only audibly satisfying, but full of knowledge. From Mazzariello’s rich vocals, avant-garde instrumentals, and meticulous choice of words, “Fair is Foul is Fair” is art through and through. After just one listen, it’s obvious how much talent and thought was put into this single. War Footing will undoubtedly be added to my playlist September 16th! 


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