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Get Hooked on “Shout” by The Vaughns

by Mia Buscone

This year, New Jersey indie rock band, The Vaughns, released their debut album, F.O.M.O., including the track “Shout”, which is everything I look for in an indie song. Their sound is lighthearted and fun, but the lyricism does more than just scratch the surface. The classic jangly indie guitars are arguably my favorite part. Right from the start, you can tell it’s going to be a fun one.

The song is about not wanting to have to beg someone to stick around. Singer Anna Lies is singing to someone who comes around every once in a while but never seems to want a permanent spot in her life. The closer she tries to pull them, the more they push away, but she’s not upset about it. She’s cynical and totally over playing games.

“You come, you go
You may stay a while
Have your fun, let me know
When it becomes a bit too real”

The last line is delivered pretty sarcastically, and I love that she’s not afraid to be harsh about it.
It’s a confusing and annoying situation to be in, so I really don’t blame her for feeling this way.
The chorus says it all in just one simple question:

“Do I have to shout
To keep you around?”

There’s nothing more frustrating than making it totally obvious you want someone to stay and
yet they refuse to acknowledge the signals. This is her finally breaking down and saying, essentially: “Do you want me, or not?” She knows she shouldn’t have to spell it out that she’s interested. She knows what she wants, why can’t they?

Not only are the lyrics telling this story of frustration in a potential relationship, but they’re also
incredibly clever. She uses multiple meanings of words to describe how frustrated and almost
apathetic she is starting to feel.

“I get stuck
Don’t like change
Leave my nickels with the needy
Just a math nerd who likes patterns
And you just keep on leaving
To come back”
“Your cold habits
Aren’t just sick of sneezing”

The song is a stream of consciousness, showing the thought process behind being hooked on someone who doesn’t care about you. She recognizes the pattern of them leaving and then coming back when they’re bored, but they get her every time. Even in this stream of consciousness style, her words flow together so effortlessly. Sprinkled with some solo guitar moments, the song is an absolute jam. I can imagine belting this out in the car, which is the best kind of song, and every song on the album has this energy. I’m hooked.

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