“Gutter” by Sitcom: Poppy, Angsty Grunge


Philadelphia-based artist Sitcom has blended modern production with a 90s-esque angst, resulting in a grungy sound reminiscent of bands like Weezer. Sitcom’s new track “Gutter” puts the listener in a particular headspace, and through creative instrumentation and a very dynamic bridge, makes the listener feel the angst of the artist. 

The musical aspect of the track is very strong. The first verse introduces the listener to the light acoustic guitar riff that will continue throughout the track. The most impressive part of the song in my opinion, the one that textures the whole track and leaves the listener with something after the song ends, is the heavily distorted guitar riffs.

These heavy, dark, distorted electric guitar chords are present throughout the whole track, keeping rhythm within the song itself, and also setting the mood.

I also enjoyed the canned, enclosed sound of the drums, and how the drums, up until the bridge, kept a simple beat, not trying to distract from the song’s other moving parts. Where “Gutter” really shines is in the bridge. The song’s bridge is fantastic, with a chaotic drum solo, wailing sirens, uncomfortable synth sounds, rapid crunchy guitar chords, and no vocals at all. The bridge engages with you so quickly and leaves you with something to remember after the song is finished.

I think what plagues a lot of indie rock like “Gutter” is forgettability. Especially in today’s music scene with so much saturation, getting heard and standing out is becoming harder and harder. Thanks to such a unique bridge however, I think that “Gutter” has a little something extra to make it stand above the rest. 

The vocal performance of “Gutter” delivers with that angsty pop-punk/grunge drone.

The majority of the lyrics are sung without any inflection, giving the vocals a very DIY and apathetic feeling. Of course, with a title like “Gutter” and a chorus like “I’m in the gutter again,” I think that apathy and disillusionment are the feelings that the artist is trying to capture.

The vocals on “Gutter” remind me so much of Weezer’s “Beverly Hills,” and I am happy to say that the 2000s angst never went out of style. The lyrics seem to tell the story of a romantic interest that pays no attention to the narrator, causing much psychological distress. There are also interesting lines that seem to have political undertones. Lines like: “Honey’s making time, making good good money, making fun of who she was when she believed in this country.”

The political undertones do not really seem to be fleshed out in the song at all, making the aforementioned line all the more peculiar and attention-grabbing. 

Sitcom delivers again with the indie-rock track “Gutter.” Everything about this track, from the production to the vocals, to the music video, fits into the aesthetic and the message that is being communicated.

What sets tracks apart is cohesiveness in all aspects, and I think that Sitcom did a great job creating a song that is whole.


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