“Lemons and Tangerines” by AJ Lee & Blue Summit: A Fruitful Spring


A sweet bluegrass-y tune, “Lemons and Tangerines,” excels at finding the simple joys in life. With its’ muse being a lemon-tangerine tree, this upbeat song puts you in a good mood and reminds you to not look over the little things in life. 

“Beautiful yellow

Is down in my tree

Spring is here another year”

The speaker welcomes in spring as she sees the yellow of the lemons peeking at her from her lemon-tangerine tree. With folksy melodies and accompanying mandolin (among other bluegrass instruments) AJ Lee & Blue Summit creates a cheery and hopeful feeling that encourages the listener to welcome in spring as well.  

The feelings garnered from “Lemons and Tangerines” is the focal point of the song. Some songs focus on lyrics, some on production, but this one combines them beautifully to place the emphasis more on an overall good feeling. The simple and fluid lyrics make the song akin to a story being told, an anecdote that your friend might casually bring up. This creates an extra aspect of comfort to the song, something you can relax into and feel connected to. The stringed instruments pluck out a joyful tune that you can’t help but smile at, only adding to the relaxed happiness found throughout the song. 

“And I

Love my little lemon tree

Well, it gives

Gives me what I need”

The speaker gets satisfaction and joy (and lemons) from the simple existence of her lemon tree. It reminds me of the clichéd notion of finding joy in the little things in life. But, maybe it’s cliché because it’s true- happiness can be found even in the seemingly insignificant, and sometimes that may be the best place to look for it. The lemon tree gives the speaker something to appreciate and something to take care of- as well as a “sour sugar” snack. Perhaps each of us can find something constant in our lives, or our backyards, that gives us a little bit of joy.

“Ideal location

For someone leaving home every night”

At the beginning of the song, the speaker mentions that she leaves home every night. The rest of the song describes her lemon-tangerine tree and the joy it brings her. The tree is her constant thing that she can rely on. After spending long nights away from home, she can look forward to coming home to her tree and take comfort in the fact that the tree is a constant in her life. Most people develop fondness for anything constant in life, as life is not particularly known for its day-to-day consistency. 

“Lemons and Tangerines” tells the story of someone finding joy in a lemon-tangerine tree, appreciating its existence as well as the fruit it provides. By using pure lyrics and lively melodies to create a comforting feeling, this song can inspire us as listeners to find something simple that brings joy to our own lives.  


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