Pop artist LIBERATI is already living a storybook life, so further success would just be the cherry on top. He’s a former All-American college quarterback who now resides in L.A.’s exclusive Malibu community. He’s garnered many prestigious sync placements on HBO and network TV – and he’s also a key member of Nashville’s The Songhouse (where he co-wrote the viral hit “Parachute” that has nearly 11 million views to date). Oh, and he just released the best duet of the new year called “Find Out” featuring Rebecca Brunner.

LIBERATI’s music is memorable and melodic, reminiscent of pop smoothies like The 1975 and The Weeknd. “Once Rebecca heard my initial ideas for ‘Find Out’, she lit up and started throwing out lines left and right,” he says. “That’s when we knew it was undeniable as a duet.”

In football lingo, “dropping a dime” is when a quarterback makes a perfect pass for a touchdown. LIBERATI is dropping dimes with his hooky songs, and may soon become the Tom Brady of pop music.

What college did you play quarterback for – and did you consider playing pro football? 

I played at Malone University in Canton, Ohio with some fantastic people who are still dear friends to this day. I always wrestled between the pursuit and time involved with my football career vs music career, but music always felt like it had more freedom associated with it. Looking back now, I think pursuing football a bit further into the pros would have been beneficial for exposure and funding haha.

How did you first get involved with The Songhouse? 

I met Tyler Ward, creator of The Songhouse through a church we both attended and played music for in Beverly Hills about 7 years ago. We hit it off and always had a mutual respect for each other’s craft. After Tyler moved to Nashville, I would try to meet him for coffee every time I was visiting to catch up. On one particular trip when I asked him if he wanted to meet up, he invited me to a Songhouse session instead. That just so happened to be when I got paired with Kyndall and co-wrote “Parachute” that day!

In addition to Tears For Fears, what other bands have influenced you the most? 

I’m a huge Sting fan and am mostly influenced by his entire catalogue with and without The Police, but The 1975, Joan, Tycho, St. Lucia, and John Mayer are some other big, more current influences.

How did you meet Rebecca Brunner, and are you planning more collaborations with her? 

I also met Rebecca through The Songhouse. I love her energy, sincerity, and of course her amazing vocal tone! I would collaborate with her any day of the week haha. I had the idea for “Find Out” about a year prior to writing it with Rebecca. I was too scared to try to finish it because I didn’t think I was ready. It was an idea that felt too good to force. When Rebecca and I set up a co-write, I thought we’d be starting from scratch on a new tune. On the way to the session, I thought about showing her the concept for “Find Out.” When I did, she immediately vibed with it, and we finished the song in about 45 minutes. Her voice was perfect for the song and I’m honored to have that duet with her.