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Malin Pettersen is Stealing Hearts with “Get You Back Again”

by Jordan Hall

Ghostly, barren, and serene – these are the words that come to mind when Malin Petterson’s “Get You Back Again” is the subject matter. She harnesses a bold, Nashville-inspired country voice in Norway. Imagine a refined country artist for the purists and old souls who find Broadway in Nashville somewhat “plastic” in comparison to the real heart of the city’s hidden gems. I’m honored to put a small spotlight on Petterson’s tender tune and her career at large.

Currently, Petterson is in the middle of her Fall ’19 tour. The Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy) winner made her debut last year with the release of References Pt.1. Her latest album, Alonesome, dropped this past August.

As a writer for Two Story Melody, most of my gig requires a thorough, yet enjoyable, dive into the world of songwriting. Malin Petterson delivered the essence of it without any additional instruments other than her guitar, which the epitome of “short and sweet”. Speaking of, there’s also a sultry dose of sweetness in her voice as well.

I know how I can get you back again

I just have to show you who I am

Oh the time we spent on skin to skin

I never think I really let you in

How am I supposed to go on?

“Get You Back Again” shares some common themes with the typical love story, but if you listen closely to the lyrics you might find it to be a little more complicated. The following lines, in particular, shed some light on the short story, but Petterson also leaves us a thin veil of mystery over the internal conflict that might be going on.

The peace that you wanted is not what I gave

Please turn around and save my soul

I believe that good songwriting is like a game of poker; never show your full hand. It leaves a little interpretation up for grabs. Although “Get You Back Again” is very sincere and honest, Petterson gave us just enough room to think. That in itself shows she might actually have a methodical, yet relatable, approach to her songwriting. Just food for thought.

As a Nashvillian, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Malin Petterson as her momentum picks up. There are tons of self-proclaimed country artists filling the bill of countless writer’s nights in town, but very few of them are bringing anything true and raw to the table (just my opinion). I still think Petterson has a long way to go, but she’s certainly on the right track.

For more Malin Petterson, check out these links:

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