“My Kind of Crazy” by Mama Said: A Pop-Rock Ode to Parenthood

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Northern-California-based, female-fronted rock band Mama Said draws inspiration from the best rock hits of the last thirty years to bring to life a catchy and evergreen sound, elevated by the fantastic voices of front-women Latifa Reeves and Jennifer Knight.

“My Kind of Crazy” is one of a series of releases the band is working through this year, and this one’s particularly special, because it’s about themes you don’t often hear covered in classic rock: growth, change, and parenthood.

That’s right – parenthood.

My interest in the song peaked when I discovered “My kind of Crazy” is a love song dedicated to kids. Lyrics like these wouldn’t make much sense in another context:

“You like ketchup with your ice cream
I use too many words when I speak”

The energetic vibe we feel throughout the song seems to be a perfect representation of what it takes to be a parent, and especially a mother, today: endless energy, patience, and relentless dedication. Through their lyrics, Latifa and Jennifer show how motherhood and a music career can go hand in hand, and give proof that the experience of family life can inspire the creative one, with a healthy helping of the energy and soul that rock music requires.

The rhythm section does what it always does in great rock songs: It pushes the track forward and gives it a downright powerful mood. That, along with carefully-crafted, electric riffs from guitarist Derek Bromley, creates a sunny soundscape that accompanies the vocals throughout the song, providing a complex texture that’s probably somewhat reflective of what it feels like to raise a kid.

Ultimately, it’s that theme that makes this song a success. It’s a song about defining one’s identity after becoming a parent, and as the father of a 9-month-old kid, I can testify that the crazy love you feel is real; I certainly appreciate Latifa and Jennifer’s lyrics in a way that I never would’ve been able to a year ago.

“Being a mom is a role that often eclipses one’s identity. It’s important for women to not lose themselves entirely in the raising of children,” says Knight. “Like, you can be an awesome mom and still feed your creative soul, write music, play music, and want to connect with others around that.”


The chorus sums it up beautifully, showing how the front-women fully embrace their roles as mothers and bandleaders with boundless enthusiasm:

“Oh my Lord, what have I gotten into
My poor heart it doesn’t know what to do
This time don’t want no one to save me
Cause you’re my kind of crazy”

You can find Mama Said on Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube, and you can stream the track below.


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