“Mexico” is the fourth single from Gold For The Hungry Souls, the debut album of Kinzoogianna AKA Anna Stubbs.

Stubbs fully showcases her creative skills in this new single: an ecstatic nu-jazz composition reminiscent of the best classical jazz, which sounds refreshingly contemporary and ambitious.

A talented pianist, drum programmer and producer, Kinzoogianna creates exciting and dynamic compositions that transcend musical genres. The power and unpredictability of her vocals reminded me of the best Kate Bush. At the same time, the complexity of the instrumental textures can be positively compared with Rick Wakeman’s masterpiece “The Six Wives of Henry VIII”.

Gold For The Hungry Souls was written during the pandemic, a period when Anna Stubbs decided to draw inspiration from the artists that helped her define her style: Rotary Connection, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Steely Dan, McCoy Tyner, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Wayne Shorter, among others.

In contrast with the events taking place when the song was written, “Mexico” explores the themes of traveling and freedom. As a result, the music feels upbeat and dreamy, resonating with the feelings and desires many of us thought during the pandemic lockdowns.

In “Mexico”, Kinzoogianna is accompanied by Rob Mullarkey on the bass guitar and Richard Spaven on the drums. Both artists have extensive recording experience and were able to further enhance the unexpected harmonies and depth of the track. Each melody is carefully crafted and balanced, bringing to life a lively, constantly evolving piece.

The progressive feel in “Mexico” is masterfully developed by Kinzoogianna’s vibrant and enveloping voice, resulting in an enjoyable song that showcases the incredible talent of Stubbs and the musicians involved in the project.

What I like the most about Stubbs’ music is that the entire album, and the fourth single in particular, feels simultaneously extroverted and intimate. I can imagine Kinzoogianna creating this piece while dreaming about better days when she could once again perform and travel freely. The juxtaposition of feelings is what makes this piece powerful and impossible to forget.

All told, the slow crescendo of “Mexico” brings the listeners on an introspective journey of self-discovery: the strong desire for freedom and adventure described by Kinzoogianna can only be satisfied by relentless creativity and the wish to move forward, towards better days where dreams can come true.

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