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“Learn My Lesson” by Rachel Shaps Slaps

by Sadie Burrows

(Excuse the ridiculously clever wordplay in my title.)

Have you ever dreamed of a song with Christina Aguilera’s clear soulful voice mixed with the vibe and energy of Ariana Grande?

Well, whether you have or haven’t, I found it for you.

Rachel Shaps is both reminiscent of those pop stars and completely unique. Her confidence shines through in her runs and lyrics. Her power is present in her declarative “ooh’s” and her purposeful echoes. “Learn My Lesson” is a song to which you should listen – to experience Shaps’s popping vocals and important message.

Just as Shaps does, this song comes in strong. There is piano backing her as she sets the scene. It rhythmically pulls the listener in. She says,

Six AM, haven’t slept,

and my mind keeps running out of gas.

I can’t help myself.

I keep on questioning why.

It is a painful breakup and Shaps is confused, hurting alone, waiting for her love to call her. I can feel her pain, picture her dark room and puffy eyes. There is a beat. And there is a change to the song – she is mad and has come to understand that she deserves better, that she must change her ways.

It is upbeat and lively. Rachel Shaps brings in a renewal with the loud drum, energized claps/snaps, and thrumming bass. She has a clear tone that is aching for release from the cycle and the heartbreak. The bridge comes in with scaled back instruments and she sings of that desire again.

Two AM, I’m not calling you.

Yeah, maybe I’ve had a drink or two.

I’m starting to learn a thing or two.

She can finally comprehend her worth and feel her value. Built up and beautiful, the chorus arrives one final time, hitting even harder and better than before. Her voices travels amazing runs that intertwine with the music so well.

And then, it echoes out. Rachel Shaps has created another bop, preaching the truth of love, loss, and redemption.

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