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Relick’s Powerful New Song “Powder Pink”

by Mia Buscone

Texas based indie duo, Relick, released a powerful new single this summer. “Powder Pink” is slightly more electronic compared to the rest of the band’s music, but it’s executed perfectly. In seconds, the song bursts into an upbeat rhythm lead by guitar, keys, and synthesizers. It’s a great track to dance to, but the lyrics tell a more intense story than the beat lets on. It’s about a woman obsessed with her appearance, trying to find her individuality as she matures. She intends to come off as naive, but Relick seems to think she’s less innocent than she appears.

The song makes a few references to a ribbon and the color pink. She’s dresses up in pink ribbons and makeup to keep up her image of youth and innocence. To further this story line of unconvincing naivety, they describe the girl as “controlling though petite”. However, it doesn’t last. 

“Her ribbon’s pink and it’s tied up

In messages 

She claims to quiver at the sight of 

Two unnamed enemies 

But she keeps them on a leash”

Around 2 minutes, the song builds to an astounding solo by guitarist Matt Hibbard. The guitar never slows down throughout the song, packing a punch over and over again. As a more instrument-lead band, this is nothing new for Relick, but I can’t stop thinking about how cool this would be to see live. Paired with Amber Nicholson’s fuzzy vocals, it’s an indie music dream. 

“Three long years later

And she still shows off

That she’s got perfect round curls

But the ribbon is gone”

The timeline of the song continues, and the girl matures. She gets rid of the pink ribbon which was once the center of her image. The novelty of her gimmick wears off and people begin to see through her.

“Say she’s one of a kind 

But the truth is there’s a dozen

Waiting in line”

She believes she did something original and clever, but really, she’s just the same as everybody else. A genuine person can be hard to come by, but Relick doesn’t find one here. 

Despite the deceptive character, this song is an absolute jam. I couldn’t help myself from bopping my head along every time I listened (which was a lot). If Relick’s music continues to go in such a high-energy direction, there’ll be no stopping them. I can’t wait to hear their next release!

To hear more from Relick, visit any of the links below:


Spotify – Relick




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