“Slowly” by The Crowleys: Colorful Indie Psych


The Crowleys, a band of five, strive to bring some color to the world through their psychedelic pop music. For the past few years they have put forth music that stands to be remembered for its unique and memorable sounds. Now, they’ve got big plans in 2021, and it’s starting with their newest single, “Slowly.”

In a tale that began in high school, these five artists came together to make something that would put them on the map and stand out. Their music is heavily defined by lots of synths and electronica moments blended seamlessly with some heartwarming and familiar classic punk rock tones. Tastes of rock come through pieces like “Stargazer” and “Pansy Party Extravaganza” with powerful and enticing drums and guitar, while some pieces like “Simple Reflection” demonstrate the moments that almost remind us of playing vintage video games in the 80s.

Vocally, The Crowleys tend to hold back, more often allowing the instruments and sound mixing to shine. Regardless of that, the vocals contribute plenty of their own beauty and talent, adding on another layer of color that only makes the music glow brighter. Always with some kind of distortion that stretches and reforms their voices, the band sings with ethereal authenticity. There’s almost a clash of dreamy, light vocals with solid, profound instrumentation, but the good kind of clash. The true art of their music is how every sound, from voice to bass, is malleable and thus reinvented and morphed into new sounds, and new mixes of sounds, that have never been heard before.

It’s truly extraordinary how they also can evoke drastically different emotions and memories through each song. All together, their songs fit perfectly like architecture that has been planned for years, but individually they also create a world of their own. No song is exactly like the other, yet there’s the wonderful mystery of how, as you listen to each one consecutively, they seem to inform and complement each other.

“Slowly” fits right into this crafted puzzle. It features some good ol’ drumbeats to start off, which are mixed with iconic synthesized sounds, per The Crowleys’ signature style, along with some distorted guitar strums. It’s a tune that will get you up and dancing, even when you didn’t plan to. They keep the dancy beat up throughout the entirety of the song, and never neglect to add in those psychedelic sounds.

The lyrics hail a time from all of our pasts when we were adventurous young people eager to try new things and do the exact opposite of what our parents told us to do (or not to do). In particular, it recalls the rebellious moments of young love, when you felt like the world was yours.

One sunny afternoon

You told me how to bend the rules

I met you in the pines

I was yours and you were mine

Remember the days when your only obligation was to go to school? When everything felt so innocent and perfect and free?

Fun for me is when I’m with you

Lost and happy after school

Named as a “predecessor” to their last single, “Making Friendly,” this latest single continues the theme of childhood and the titillating feelings of excitement that came with those experiences. Who knows what The Crowleys have in store for the rest of 2021?


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