On rare occasions, a song brilliantly captures a shared societal moment.

LA artist talker’s new song “Everything is Something (I Never Saw Coming)” is an emotional distillation of what 2024 actually feels like (for the artist and for the rest of us, too).

The song’s hook, sonic texture, and powerful lyrics add up to Song of the Year in my book. It’s the last single before the release of talker’s debut album I’m Telling You The Truth on June 21.

Celeste Tauchar took the stage name “talker” because that’s how people mispronounced her last name for years. (It’s actually pronounced “tosher”, by the way.) She penned the song in Nashville with Collin Pastore and Jake Finch, who have worked previously with boygenius, Lucy Dacus and illuminati hotties.

“We just did whatever we wanted,” says Celeste. “There was a moment that we all looked at each other and were like, oh sh*t. It’s one of the most pop-leaning songs on the record but it captures an essence that’s present throughout – being honest and staying true to what feels right.”

The song’s fabulous video is a departure from talker’s previous stellar-but-DIY videos.

“I’m used to doing everything myself on the videos,” she says.  “Bringing in someone who was excited to collaborate and create this world with me was really fun. We have so many different worlds and different visuals that I get pulled through, and it was thanks to the incredible director Brian Nowak and art director Caitlin Laingen. The video shows how life truly keeps pulling us in new directions that we can’t predict, and while it can be really chaotic and stressful, it can also be really beautiful once we stop trying to control everything and just enjoy the ride.”

I implore the folks at Spotify and Apple to start adding this single to every Fresh Finds and New Indie playlist possible. We’re living in bewildering times, but one thing is certain: talker’s new single will stop you dead in your tracks – just like the first time you heard Kurt Cobain or Maggie Rogers.

It’s got the power to take talker’s career to the stratosphere.

(Photo by Trini Trinh)