The Hubbards Hit Us with “Good When I’m Done”


It’s exciting to feel energy when guitar distortion begins to boil under the skin. A tidal wave of cymbal crashes over the song really brings out the full effect, assuming your ears get past the wall of sound. Believe it or not, there are songs out there that sound like this, and it’s pretty great. If you want a sucker-punch of good indie, try “Good When I’m Done” by The Hubbards.

Reuben Driver, Alex Green, Ronan Burns, and Joe Orlowski are The Hubbards. We reach for the ‘indie’ tag a lot, but their sound is too interesting for it. Why bother anyway? Bands can be hard to classify sometimes, and The Hubbards are one of them. “Good When I’m Done” was written by a group of guys who just know how to write a good song, straight up.

She’s in Love with a Thought

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“Good When I’m Done” is an infectious anthem lead by Reuben Driver, whose voice is tinged with a sweet vibrato. The dreamy guitar lead is a package deal. They have a recipe for the perfect melodic plague that’s hard to shake. Fair warning, it’s easy to get caught on The Hubbards. “Good When I’m Done” is great track among others, and although there are plenty of other indie bands on the scene, there is simply something about The Hubbards.

Jokingly, the cover art for this song features a girl having a romantic date with a thought bubble. I don’t think there’s a better way to spell it out.

Driver delivers every line as if he’s holding back a flood. Every now and then, audible desperation leaks through the cracks of his voice. It’s what makes the song human. Sometimes imperfections in vocal recordings are desirable. They give the song character and make the lyrics more believable. “Good When I’m Done” hits the feels.

The Hubbards stand behind a lot of great songs similar to “Good When I’m Done”. All of them share the same melodic charm.

As always, if you like what you hear, follow The Hubbards!

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