The acoustic folk five-piece The Roseline closed off their relatively quiet 2022 with two singles, the first of which is the warm and merry cut “Hot Dice.”

If you’re in need of a smile or a song to alleviate the feeling of loneliness, “Hot Dice” will be right up your street. 

The track starts with a patiently strummed acoustic guitar, a sound so familiar and comforting to many. As the drums quickly enter the track, that warm folky feeling arises as lead singer and songwriter Colin Halliburton begins his verse with a country twang and a sad yet uplifting line:

“Feeling low, but never lonely”

It’s a sentimental lyric that touches everyone that hears it, in one way or another. The theme of love and friendship is strong in “Hot Dice”, as Halliburton goes on to say:

“I’m loved and I will love them always”

After this cute line, he shows love to both his family and band. It appears to be a very personal song that comes straight from our lead singer’s heart. However, much like Taylor Swift’s style of songwriting, it’s personal yet so relatable at the same time.

When he sings of how much he loves his family and friends, it’s so infectious it’s impossible to not feel the same way yourself. When I listen to “Hot Dice”, I feel like I’m one of the crew, swaying side to side in a fire-lit cabin in the winter. The sense of togetherness is felt throughout the rest of the track, but doesn’t go away when it’s over. It stays with you, which is what a lot of folk may need nearing the colder hours of the day. 

Overall, while The Roseline may not be reinventing the wheel with this folk/country track, they don’t really need to. It’s a song to make you feel warm, safe and part of their family, and if you don’t at least crack a smile when it’s on then not much else will.